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This website details a list of Companies & individuals we investigated and how they interconnect. A matter we were forced to research when faced with a fraud perpetrated against us in the Czech Republic. This website will answer many questions of just who owns what and how a number of companies & individuals interconnect as well as some glaring examples of fraud and corrupt practices. We hope this website will serve to assist others who are are faced with similar unfortunate circumstances. Our investigation has covered hundreds of companies and their various subsidiaries. The taxation of these various companies reveals an interesting practice of what is commonly known by the service providers we investigated as "Tax Optimization" Many of the individuals we have listed such as Ian and Geoffrey Taylor, Matthew Charles Stokes, Rachel Amy Erickson, Jesse Grant Hester have recently become the subject to an ongoing investigation by the Washington based, The Guardian Newspaper and the BBC. 

As we investigated the fraud we were subjected to in the Czech Republic we crossed paths with American bankers,
 hedge funds and their principles, many of whom were involved in the privatization of the former eastern block countries and international financiers like Robin Rodriguez and Paul Bilzerian we even encountered Billionaire   Russian Oligarchs. Relationships with some of these people strike at the very heart of the fraud we were subjected to. 

There has been a great deal of speculation over the years in the Czech Republic as to the associations of Politicians and businessmen and who or what entities are the ultimate recipients of billions of dollars funneled through shell companies in offshore jurisdictions.

We have also discovered a number of connections with individuals, businesses, politicians and organized crime in the Czech Republic, in the form of murderous gangs in custody and at large. Fundamentally, however, without the assistance of Banks, British solicitors, American lawyers and Cypriot, British & American corporate service providers none of this would be possible. We have collected a large number of correspondence from various service providers, nominee directors, corporate compliance staff, solicitors and lawyers most of whom rely on 'plausible deniability' as a means to defend their involvement. We can prove in dozens of cases these institutions & professionals etc. are well aware of the issues of fraud & potential money laundering but chose to ignore it. This site details those entities that have failed miserably in their legal obligations of compliance and even social responsibility who we have researched due to the fraud of our assets. 

Our Story As featured on the Czech news server the story of the WPB Group and the use of offshore companies.        

The shocking and sad revelations of the Corruption survey conducted by Ernst & Young Auditors released in May 2013. Czech Version, English Version

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 Companies List:

The A Consulting Team Inc. (SEC USA) Now Helios & Matheson Information Technology Inc. (HMNY)

Berenson & Company ( Merchant Bank NY)

Akont (UK)

Akont (Prague)

Axia Founders LLC. (USA)

BC Centrum (Gibraltar)

BTA BANK (Kazakhstan)

Cobus Group Limited (UK)

Corporation Service Company

Dsquared 2 (USA) LLC

Florida Incorporators (USA)

Greendale Capital LLC (USA/UK)

Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP (UK)

Hawick International s.a. (Belize)
  • Luxembourg Corporation Company s.a.
  • Stopera s.r.o.

      Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited (UK)

      Hypotecni Bank (Prague)

      Mossack Fonseca (Panama)

      Jiri Divis   (OK Tours/Admont Associates LLC)
      Marek Cmejla
      Petr Kraus
      Oldrich Klimecky,

      Office House s.r.o. (Prague)

      Risc Group Limited (UK)
      • 788-790 Finchley Road London
      • Quadrant House , Floor 6 , 4 Thomas More Square ,  London
      • ISC Global Limited (UK)

      Sarter Enterprises LLC (USA)

      Shearings Company s.a. (Belize)

      Temple Secretaries Limited (UK)

      Westend Solutions Limited (UK)

      WPB Holdings N.V.

      WMB Holdings Inc.


      Mukhtar Ablyazov

      Leslie 'Les' Biller   (Former Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Wells Fargo & Company)

      Patrik Bugan (SK)

      R.J. Brandes

      Rachel Amy Erickson (NZ)

      Paul Bilzerian (USA)

      Dinesh Dalmia

      Dr. Henry Ford  (Member Trustee of Citibank (UK) Pension Plan)

      Timothy Fosberry (UK)

      Mark Hankins (USA)

      Keith Hunter (UK)

      Peter Joseph (UK)

      Oliver Joseph (UK)

      Cliff Knuckey (UK)

      Jakub Kraus(CZ)

      Tatána Kucharová (CZ)

      Linda Friis (UK)

      Alex Hlavacek (USA)

      Judr Jiri Holas (CZ)

      David Marx (UK)

      Shirley Mwanje (UK)

      Nominee Directors (Global) 

      David Pearlman (UK)

      Pavel Petrovic (CZ)

      Robin Rodriguez (USA)

      Shabeyer Syrym

      Dusan Tvrdy (CZ)

      David Vavruska (CZ)

      Martin Woods (UK)