Fraud & Corrupt Practices in Prague & London

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The A Consulting Team Inc. (SEC USA) Now Helios & Matheson Information Technology Inc. (HMNY)

Berenson & Company ( Merchant Bank NY)

Akont (UK)

Akont (Prague)

Axia Founders LLC. (USA)

BC Centrum (Gibraltar)

BTA BANK (Kazakhstan)

Cobus Group Limited (UK)

Corporation Service Company

Dsquared 2 (USA) LLC

Florida Incorporators (USA)

Greendale Capital LLC (USA/UK)

Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP (UK)

Hawick International s.a. (Belize)

  • Luxembourg Corporation Company s.a.
  • Stopera s.r.o.

      Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited (UK)

      Hypotecni Bank (Prague)

      Mossack Fonseca (Panama)

      Jiri Divis   (OK Tours/Admont Associates LLC)
      Marek Cmejla
      Petr Kraus
      Oldrich Klimecky,

      Office House s.r.o. (Prague)

      Risc Group Limited (UK)

      • 788-790 Finchley Road London
      • Quadrant House , Floor 6 , 4 Thomas More Square ,  London
      • ISC Global Limited (UK)

      Sarter Enterprises LLC (USA)

      Shearings Company s.a. (Belize)

      Temple Secretaries Limited (UK)

      Westend Solutions Limited (UK)

      WPB Holdings N.V.

      WMB Holdings Inc.


      The A Consulting Team Inc.  ( Renamed Helios & Metheson Information Technology Inc HMNY)

      On May 25th 2005 attorney William A Newman filed papers with the SEC in a proposed reverse merger of A Consulting Team Inc. The crux of the filings was the purchase of outstanding corporate stock by a combination of entities domiciled in offshore jurisdictions. Filings listed Excalibur Investment Group Limited, Oak Finance Investments Limited & The Abacus Trust represented by David Pearlman as Trust Secretary (for Excalibur Investments Limited) in addition to David Pearlman's role as corporate secretary for BC Centrum Secretaries Limited. The entities were represented by nominee directors, Jesse Grant Hester , Michael Patrick Dwen & Mathew Charles Stokes for Excalibur Investments holding 4,972,701 shares In A consulting Team Inc .  I investigated the filings because the nominee directors were the same group used in Prague being past and present directors of The Office House s.r.o. and Akont in Prague. In Prague the Czech Police had conducted an extensive search into to the true whereabouts of Michael Patrick Dwen which included various branches of Interpol. The investigation in Prague revolved around a corporate transfer, tax evasion and fraud. Mr. Michael Patrick Dwen had been listed as a corporate director of the company that effected transfers in Gibraltar, an incorporation that was ordered by Akont in Prague , run by Pavel Petrovic. Interpol were unable to locate Mr. Dwen, his listed address in Cyprus as well as Mr Jesse Grant Hester's was a hotel where they had not resided since 2003, the same address claimed for both parties on July 28th 2004 in SEC Filings. Signatures for this group of nominees are witnessed/certified in London by Oliver & Peter Joseph, many of these people and numerous other nominee directors have never actually signed the documents that these solicitors witness and certify.  The address used by Pearlman of BC Centrum Secretaries in the SEC filings of 788-790 Finchley Road in London was also highly featured in the fraud I was subjected to. Funding for this stock purchase of A consulting Inc. was approved by Cordell consulting and StoneGate Bank a Florida FDIC recognized bank; both companies were run by Robin Rodriguez. The promissory note was guaranteed by Mr. Kishore  Jhunjhunwala, Mr. Andrew Harry Ball &  Mr. Saurabh Patel.  Donald Kovalevich was the proposed CEO upon conclusion of the buyout/reverse merger & Mr. Newman was a proposed company director. Berenson & Company a merchant bank based in NYC were also involved in this transaction and seemingly provided advice and or guidance ( consultancy services) in exchange for shares for Vanguard, a new jersey outfit intertwined in this highly complicated and convoluted transaction. Berenson it seems will not respond to out email inquiries and has seemingly blocked us from sending any further communications to them.
      Vanguard Info Solutions a company with a share agreement with Oak Investments and Andrew Harry Ball is purportedly owned by the fraud drenched proprietor of Allserve Systems Corp.

      Noteworthy, Mr. Hankins' law office was located less than a mile from Mr. Rodriguez's home in Lutz, Florida.

      The stock Chart for The A Consulting Team Inc. from May 23rd through September 30th 2005.

      The Following is an extract from the SEC filing showing the nominee directors.

      Akont Holding & Capital Limited  is a United Kingdom Limited company incorporated by the Cobus Group Limited & represented by Rachel Amy Ericson (Nominee Director). The registered office mailing address was Lawford House C/O the Cobus Group and then moved to 788-790 Finchley Road London from 2005 through 2011. 

      The Akont group of companies in Prague  are subsidiary companies of Akont Holding & Capital in the United Kingdom. The previous management of Akont in Prague listed Dusan Tvrdy, Pavel Petrovic, David Vavruska, Ondrej Svoboda and Jaromir Popisil amongst others. These same individuals are now listed as the senior management of WPB Group in Prague. Mr. Vavruska & Mr. Tvrdy despite being listed as Akont employees were at the same time and specifically from 1998 to 2006 listed as the beneficial owners of Mossack Fonseca CZ s.r.o. the Czech arm of the Mossack Fosenca Panamanian Law firm. A prior 8 year investigation into claims of fraud, corruption and Tax evasion in Prague centered on Rastra AG a.s. , Rastra Prefa Pardubice & Hykeham Holdings (Hykeham & Rastra ) elicited a statement from Pavel Petrovic to the authorities that he had been the owner of Akont Prague but had subsequently sold his interest. (For a direct link with Mark Hankins of Florida Incorporators Inc,& his incorporation of Hykeham Holdinsg in Florida)The Czech domain was however until late 2011 registered by a Czech company called Graphity s.r.o. which is a subsidiary of the company WPB Holding & Finance NV a strange fact despite having no supposed connection to the this company for more than five years. Akont in Prague has had a very long association with WPB Capital, spořitelní družstvo, in 2002 the Akont offices were used as a branch office for Fidelity Credit Union the company that morphed into WPB Capital, credit union.

      It is very clear that Akont, Mossack Fonseca Czech s.r.o. and the WPB Group of companies operated in a very joint way, there are numerous connections between these entities.
      Mr. Vavruska and Mr. Tvrdy were both listed as Akont employees at the same time as they were listed as the beneficial owners of Mossack Fonseca Czech s.r.o. Mr. Vavruska was at the same time listed as the director of WPB Consulting a.s.

      A screenshot of the Akont web site in the mid 2000's

      Axia Founders LLC.  (USA) An American incorporation in the State of New York, owned by Shearings Company s.a. & Hawick International s.a. on a 50/50 basis. This company is the founding member of Taťána Kuchařová the Czech Miss World of 2006’s charitable foundation in Prague. At the time of incorporation of Ms. Kucharova's foundation in Prague the company Axia Founders LLC (NY USA)was represented by Juiletta Rhudd, another known nominee director. Her signature appears on documents under the wording "In New York on May 7th 2008", however an apostle is provided for this document with the notion it is witnessed by Oliver Joseph solicitor in London on the same day, a logistical impossibility.  We have contacted numerous nominee directors who we can now prove have never been in London when such bold statements as " in my presence" have been made by Peter & Oliver Joseph. Axia Founders LLC also shares the same common corporate Secretary found throughout this site, for the Office House s.r.o. Westend Solutions Limited, Sarter Enterprises LLC as well as various Akont companies. Corporate Secretaries Limited is also a client of the British Solicitors, Peter & Oliver Joseph. 
      Further information on the ownership of Hawick International s.a. and Shearings Company can be learned by reading about Zancom LLC ( FL /USA).


      BC Centrum Secretaries Limited 
      This company lists its registered office as 788-790 Finchley Road London and is affiliated with an off-shore incorporation agent called BC Centrum.  In fillings in 2005 with the SEC (USA) for "The A Consulting Team Inc" the representative's for BC Centrum Secretaries were listed as Christine Prebble & Geeta Aajjar . In the same fillings Mr. Pearlman is also listed as as the trust secretary for Abacus Trust with an address in Cyprus and Mr. Pearlman's address is listed as 788-790 Finchley Road London. Mr. Pearlman is further listed as an accountant employed by BC Centrum Secretaries Limited. Temple Secretaries Limited also of 788-790 Finchley Road also lists Mr. Pearlman as a director . In the same filing with the SEC numerous other nominee directors are listed and most particularly Mr. Michael Patrick Dwen also for the Abacus Trust. Mr Dwen was at that time sought by Interpol for questing in relation to a directorship he held for Akont in Prague, Interpol had already established he did not live at the address provided for these filings.

      The Following in an extract from SEC Filings for The A Consulting Team Inc.

      BTA Bank ( Kazakhstan) 
      BTA Bank is the subject of criminal proceedings in both the UK and  Kazakhstan, its former chairman Mukhtar Ablyazov and his brother in law Shalabeyer Syrym among others have been charged with plundering billions of dollars of bank funds via the use of shell companies and nominee directors. A theme that exists throughout this site is the use of a particular group of core nominee directors I encountered in Prague. These nominee directors were used to front a number of corporate entities some of which were used to defraud me.
      Mr. Syrym was listed on the ICIJ off shore data base as being the beneficial owner of several off-shore companies, most notably, Galanz Products ltd. represented by Brenda Patrica Cocksedge, Incompro Management  represented by Jesse Grant Hester, Freshway Financial Consulting Ltd represented by Nesita Manceau and Mettler Products Inc represented by Rachel Amy Erickson.


      Cobus Group Limited  is a British company incorporator and self-described tax optimizer located at 4th Floor, Lawford House Albert Place London. Cobus Group Limited is run by Timothy Fosberry and David Marx, who are listed as company directors along with Shirley MWanje of Corporate Secretaries limited which also lists its address as 4th Floor Lawford House. An advertised affiliate on the Cobus Group website is that of Westminster  Accounting Limited run by Theodore Emiantor , which Mr. Fosberry, Mr. Marxs & Ms. Mwanje have at various times been listed as directors for.
      The Cobus group were the incorporators of Westend Solutions as well as Sarter Enterprises LLC and provided corporate secretary services though Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited for both companies. Both companies are clients of Peter Joseph and he provided notarial services in his capacity as a solicitor for each of them on occasion. Westend Solutions Limited is a bearer share company, meaning it has no clear ownership. Sarter Enterprises LLC is a limited liability company which is required under American law to have two members. Over the years the Cobus Group and Corporate Secretaries Limited  have provided the former WPB Capital union,(formally Known as  Fidelity) , the office house and its various associated companies with numerous services as a company incorporator, Mr. Fosberry is also a director of WPB Investment Fund Limited domiciled in Cyprus.    
      We have found numerous examples of corporate documents where The Cobus Group Limited and Corporate Secretaries Limited have been signed under highly dubious circumstances and then witnessed and or certified to be the original signature of the individual by Peter & Oliver Joseph Solicitors.
      We can in fact prove that a substantial number of documents supplied by the Cobus Group bear forged signatures for a number of different directors on a variety of corporate documents.

      Some of Corporate Secretaries Limited notable clients:
      The company Astbury Solutions Limited is represented by Nesita Manceau, a woman who was also listed as the director/shareholder of Vicam Limited of New Zealand. Vicam was the holding company listed in the highly publicized illegal arms shipment from North Korea in 2010. 
      Ofcanz at the time were unable to track Ms. Mancea, who, they believed had moved to the Philippines.

      Ms. Manceau allegedly signed documents in London in 2008, providing a power of attorney to the colorful Czech character Petra- Pavla Bezdekovskeho, who in 2012 famously hung himself in a Czech jail when charged with murder, racketing, organized crime and money laundering. Ms. Manceau was also the director of record for another American incorporation, Management Investment LLC also with Corporate Secretaries Limited, which, was listed by The WPB Credit Union in Prague as a substantial owner of the company.

      Mr. Irving Boncamper is listed as the director of Brandson Enterprises Limited, a company which to this day has been prolific in debt collection in the Czech Republic, however, Mr. Boncamper has been in jail in Texas USA where he was convicted for money laundering, wire fraud and  insurance fraud.

      Rachel Amy Erickson was the director listed for Sarter Enterprises LLC ( Jersey/USA) a company incorporated by the Cobus Group Limited which also shared Corporate Secretaries Limited as its corporate officer.
      This company filed a false claim against my property holdings in the Czech Republic, providing time for West End Solutions Limited, (another Cobus Group Limited incorporation with the shared directorship of Company Secretaries Limited) to achieve a default judgement for a highly questionable financial claim against my assets in the Czech Republic. Westend Solutions Limited listed its director as Timothy Fosberry of the Cobus Group Limited.

      The Cobus Group was also the incorporation agent & managing agent for a company attorneys for the Hermitage Fund have claimed was used in the laundering of Millions of pounds in the tax fraud as claimed by those attorneys in Russia. The chart which you can view (by clicking this link) details how the Cobus Group and other parties are connected with the Magnitsky Case and how they played a significant role in the theft and fraud against my assets.CobusGroupMagnitsky.pdf
      185.4 KB

      These are just a few examples of the companies the, Cobus Group Limited and Corporate Secretaries Limited represent with highly dubious clients, in the case of West End Solutions Limited, Sarter Enterprises LLC, Brandson Enterprises LLC, and Astbury Solutions Limited, documents were witnessed by or certified to be true signatures for their various directorships by solicitor Peter Joseph.

      Corporation Services Company (CSC) Parent company WMB Holding Inc 

      This is a global incorporation service with office and services in multiple countries, they not only provide incorporation services but business address's as registered agents. I have written several times to Mr. Travis Turner Esq., legal council for CSC inquiring  as to how it was possible that Sarter Enterprises LLC could have been domiciled at their offices, when the information filed in respect of Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson was inaccurate. I further advised as to the fraudulent use of this company, however, in an email dated January of 2013 Mr. Travis Turner stated they had not incorporated the company but made no further explanation as to the registered office or their actions or even their adherence to the KYC principle of law. In November of 2013 I received confirmation from the State of New Jersey that Corporation Service Company had in fact used their account with the State to not only pay for the company incorporation  but also pay for its cancellation.
      CSC Trust Company also provides the umbrella for the entities operating in the Czech Republic operated by Goldman Sachs.

      Time line:
      In January of 2013 I contacted Travis N. Turner, Esq. Associate General counsel for Corporation Service Company, I asked for assistance because the Corporation Service Company had  provided registered offices for Sarter Enterprises LLC and explained via email to Mr. Turner my concerns, particularly in that I had discovered the links of Ms. Ericksons involvement with the Pacific Rims notorious company incorporation group run by Ian Taylor called the GT Group. The GT Group had been implicated in facilitating company incorporation's used not only in the Magnitsky case but also an Arms shipment from North Korea.
      I was delighted when Mr. Turner returned my email with a statement that, ‘we do take this matter seriously”, my first break, someone actually cares, it does all matter I thought.
      Next I received a terse message via email from Mr. Turner that simply explained Corporation Service Company had not incorporated Sarter Enterprises LLC, I responded via email for an explanation as to their role as managing agents. That was the last time I heard anything from this company or Mr. Turner, slightly perturbed I moved on and knowing that Lawyers are compelled to be truthful I thought little to nothing more of their involvement.
      On November 13th 2013 I decided to contact the State of New Jersey again, to see if they would shed any light on who actually incorporate this entity. To my surprises this time they not only told me but they forwarded documents that actually detailed the company’s history. The entity was paid for initially and subsequently to cancel (October 20th 2010) from the account of the Corporation service Company.  More amazingly the cancellation for the company was passed by staff of the Corporation Service Company to the state bearing Ms. Erickson’s signature and dated October 19th 2010. At the same time as the document was dated Ms. Erickson disclaimed all knowledge of the company and her Partner Mr. Ian Taylor penned an email on October 22nd 2010 to the same effect. Surely Ms. Erickson had not forgotten an event just three days earlier or was she unaware her signature again appeared on documents?


      Florida Incorporators Inc .  provides incorporation services and registered offices services for Corporations in the USA. Mark Hankins is the founder and president of Florida Incorporators Inc. Mark Hankins sent me an email of a highly dramatic nature which contained a veiled threat to my well being should I continue to investigate the circumstances around the fraud perpetrated against me in the Czech Republic. In another email Mr Hankins stated he had personally met  Mr. Tvrdy in Miami who he described as a roving agent for Akont based in Prague.  However, records show that Mr. Tvrdy not only worked for Akont at that time but was also listed as a beneficial owner of Mossack Fonseca’s Czech Republic Company, Mossack Fonseca & Co CZ 
      Mr. Hankins incorporated the Florida LLC Zancom which was the registered owner of the Mossack Fonseca domain in Prague ( Hankins also listed Zancom as having his personal residence as its primary place of business as he has done for numerous corporations. Many of these same companies have claimed in Czech court fillings to enact business in the USA. Mr. Hankins has worked on numerous other incorporation's either directly or indirectly for Mossack Fonseca. A number of his Florida incorporation's use nominee directors which are then witnessed or certified in London by Peter & Oliver Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP. 
      In an Investigation conducted in Prague which involved Interpol about a company called Hykehan & Rastra , the staff of the  Akont company in Prague were questioned in relation to the case. Mr. Hankins incorporated a mirror company in the American Florida registry Called HYKEHAM & RASTRA - U.S.A. LLC


      Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP    

      Gregory Abrama Davidson LLP was a Liverpool based firm of Solicitors which merged with the London offices of RJR Law of Finchley Road in London.
      Originally Peter Joseph was listed as a senior partner on the company website, subsequently he has been listed as a fee earner and his son Oliver Joseph has been promoted to the position of Partner.
      In October of 2010 we first contacted Mr. Peter Joseph who had certified the signature of Rachel Amy Erickson on papers filled in a Czech Court for the company Sarter Enterprises LLC. The same company Sarter Enterprises LLC had also filed a claim disputing ownership of our property in the Czech Republic. The signature that Mr. Joseph had certified for Sarter Enterprises was clearly a fraud, the signature was made under the wording "In London", we had contacted Ms. Erickson in Australia and she had stated i) She does not sign documents misrepresenting her location and ii) she had never heard of the company.  We asked Mr. Peter Joseph how a signature by an individual was certified by him when it was clearly a fraud, he then stated the document was passed to him by the Cobus Group Limited, that he understood it had been mailed to Ms. Erickson for her signature.  We can without question prove this signature is a fraud and further that the false practice of witnessing forgeries is common place for both Mr. Peter & Oliver Joseph. There are numerous references to Peter & Oliver Joseph throughout this site, one such entry concerns the fraudulent witnessing of signatures by Oliver Joseph for a nominee director in documents used for the founding of the Czech Miss Worlds charitable foundation.
      We have numerous examples of signatures sworn as witnessed/certified by these solicitors which cannot have been witnessed by them. Indeed we have confirmed a number of directors who are claimed by Mr. Peter Joseph as signing documents in his presence that have never been to the UK. Other sham directors have signed documents in far corners of the world under specific dates and somehow these documents have arrived for certification and provided with an Apostle certificate on the very same day in London which of course is a logistical impossibility. A large number of the "sham directors", listed by the British Guardian Newspaper and the BBC TV documentary Panorama have been clients of Mr. Peter & Oliver Joseph.
      A partial relationship chart for Peter Joseph.


      Hawick International  & Shearings Company s.a. (Belize) these two companies are joint shareholders in Zancom LLC an American Incorporation by Mark Hankins of Florida Incorporators. Zancom LLC is the owner and registrant of the domain name the official domain and email contact of Mossack Fonseca’s Czech office.
      This powerful corporate alliance in 2008 through its ownership of Axia Founders LLC  has also founded Ms  Taťána Kuchařová the Czech Miss World of 2006’s charitable foundation in Prague.  Documents signed by the director Janice Lipurd both claim to be signed in New York and witnessed the same day in London by Peter & Oliver Joseph. On Decmber 9th 2004 Hawick International became the sole Shareholder in Stopera Holdings s.a.r.l. registered in Luxembourg through a transfer to Hawick International s.a. from Luxembourg Corporate Company s.a.  According to Solodoor s.r.o. was 98% owned by Stopera Holdings s.a.r.l. Stopera Holding S.a.r.L was represented by Czech attorney Michael Bartoncik until September 28th 2005. Upon the resignation of Michael Bartoncik,  Volf Karel of Jindricha Plachty 28 , Prague 5 was appointed as director. Luxembourg Corporate Company s.a. remained a manager of Stopera Holdings S.a.r.l. through February 10th 2010.
      Hawick and Shearing also own Mark & Markel LLC (51/49%), another Mark Hankins incorporation which lists his own home address as the primary place of business. This company as well as Goldboard LLC were listed on the website as partners of the Washington Investment Group, who in 2011 were suing the Czech Government for approximately $800 million USD.

      Hypotecni Banka   
      Hypotecni Banka is a Czech bank owed by the Belgium Bank KBC, they offer mortgage products in the Czech Republic. Despite advertising a fast turn around time on mortgage applications and funding they took nearly 6 months to schedule a closing for my mortgage. They offer services in English for the application process and provide documents in both English & Czech.
      We became highly suspicious of the slow moving process we endured but having no basis for knowing why at the time we assumed it was the Czech business style.
      We finally received an approval, having paid a number of fees and scheduled a closing via a third party for which Hypotecni Banka provided a detailed power of attorney for. At the appointed closing the Bank refused to accept the power of attorney which was a stunning reversal of their previous position, it was then it became clear that other forces were working against us in effecting this closing.
      The Bank then refused to close the mortgage based upon a fraudulent filing by Sarter Enterprises LLC which served to cloud our property title. If however they had honored the power of attorney the closing would have been effected as no such filing against the property title had at that time occurred. We complained to Hypotechni Banka in a detailed email written in English for which we received a response via email that we needed to make any representations in the Czech Language!
      The Bank had collected a number of fees for the mortgage facility and continued to debit our account with them with monthly maintenance charges. We then contacted the compliance office for KBC in Belgium via phone and were shocked to find our complaints and subsequent emails were completely ignored. 

      Risc Management & Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited  are two companies that were founded and run by Cliff Knuckey.  Martin Woods was the joint Managing  Director with Mr. Knuckey in Hermes Forensic Solutions. Both Knuckey and Hunter are high ranking  ex-metropolitan  Police officers. Hermes is a relatively new company that touted services of AML (Anti Money Laundering) asset recovery and business intelligence. Martin Woods left Hermes in August 2012 according to his LinkedIn profile. In 2011 Mr. Woods solicited me as a client and made clear his ability to engage the Police in the UK in respect of the fraud I was subjected to that had a British component, he stated, "He was a member of the biggest gang in London", which he further explained was the Metropolitan Police force.
      When discussing sad events in Prague about the claimed suicide of the head of anti money laundering, Mr. Woods commented by email, "He  got to close!" a comment I found both shocking and sensational. Our professional contracted relationship lasted less than two weeks when it became clear to me that he was merely gathering intelligence with no attempt to assist in the recovery of my losses. 

      Cliff knuckey was a founding member with Keith L Hunter of a group of companies called ISC Global Limited located at 788 -790 Finchley Road London, the corporate secretary of record was David Pearlman of Temple Secretaries Limited also of 788-790 Finchley Road London. In 2006 the ISC group of companies changed their various names and became Risc Management Limited.
      In an email from Martin Woods prior to the signing of a contract between myself and Hermes Mr. Woods laid out what he understood to be the crux of my complaint and the fraud I had been subjected to. A number of names, address and companies had appeared on my horizon which he clearly understood I had been investigating pursuant to his email. The contract with Hermes Forensic Solutions provided a "conflict of Interest " clause with a duty by Hermes to highlight any conflict of interest they may have had in working for me. 

      In 2012 Mr. Knuckey with Mr. Hunter were arrested and charged with various crimes in relation to their work with James Ibori in 2006 and 2007. A British parliamentary sub committee was convened to review evidence in the matter and during the course of questioning it was confirmed that Mr. Woods had been present at meetings with Mr. Knuckey & Mr. Hunter  in respect to the Ibori case and that of his solicitor Mr Gohil.

       James Ibori who was convicted of money laundering had used the services of BC Centrum, an off shore company formation agent with offices listed at 788-790 Finchley Road in London. The same  address  788-790 Finchley Road had also been used by Mr. Knuckey and Mr Hunter as the registered office address for many of their own incorporation's. They had also used Temple Secretaries Limited represented by David Pearlman as the corporate secretary of record. Mr. Pearlman, Temple Secretaries Limited and BC Centrum were known subjects by Mr. Woods of my investigation (See The A Consulting Team Inc SEC Filings which Mr. Woods was well aware of). Mr. Woods at no time alerted me to having any pre-existing knowledge of the Registered office address of 788-790 Finchley Road or any of the matters surrounding, Mr. Gohil, Mr. Ibori, Temple Secretaries Limited or BC Centrum.  
      A number of Mr Hunter's and Knuckey's dissolved companies are listed as C/O Pearl Accounting which also listed Temple Secretaries as the corporate secretary as well as A1 Corporate services also of 788-790 Finchley Road. A clear and glaring conflict of interest; the only party Mr. Woods did reference during the course of our phone conversations was Mr. William Bowder of Hermitage Capital which he eluded to at the time as a client, he subsequently referred to him (via email) as having  the "power to shape things". However, some months later he confirmed by email that Mr Bowder was not a client.

      During a skype conversation with Mr. Martin Woods at the end of our contracted relationship I asked Mr. Woods about Mr. Knuckey's involvement with Risc Mena LLC a Dubai corporation I had come across on the internet as I intensified my search into who Mr. Woods & Knuckey might really be working for. Mr. Knuckey was listed as a director of Risc Mena LLC in Dubai. Mr. Woods stated, Mr. Knuckey was not at that time in any way connected with the company.  A company by a similar name Mena Corp. is also domiciled at 788-790 Finchley road and was the subject of an American Senate Sub 
      committee hearing as a billion dollar department of defense fuel contractor. The company Mena Corp was also represented at one time by David Pearlman and Temple Secretaries.

      It was not until my termination of the Hermes Forensic Solutions contract and the publicity 
      surrounding The money Laundering charges against Ibori and Gohil in London that I had time to investigate various parties use of shell corporations or indeed the connection of Mr. Knuckey to Risc/ISC Global or their respective reported clients. 

      It is important to note that a large part of my investigation revolved around specific service providers in the form of company incorporators, managing agents, nominee directors and solicitors.

       A recent article about The Risk Group from the UK Newspaper The daily Mail can be read by following this link.

      For additional history on the GT Group from new Zealand who Mr. Woods claimed to be investigating when first contacting me:

      For Further information on the founding member of ISC Global Limited and its chairman Stephen Curtis read this article:

      And Finally read the claims of the plutonium poisoned Mr. Litvinenko and the connections between Mr. Knuckey and Risc:

      A partial layout of Messrs. Knuckey & Woods relationships; We have uncovered some truly amazing connections, some of which but by no means all have been illustrated on the chart below. A downloadable PDF version of this chart can be obtained by following this link.


      Mossack Fonseca  closed its Czech Company in Prague called Mossack Fonseca & Co CZ s.r.o. in 2010 at that time it was a subsidiary of Marsten & Dods Finance Limited a UK company domiciled at 36 Juliana Close Finchley London. Documents for Marsten & Dods were witnessed by Peter Joseph. Prior to the transfer of ownership to Marsten & Dods, Mossack Fonseca & Co CZ s.r.o. was listed as owned by Dusan Tvrdy And David Vavruska who were both at the same time employed at Akont in Prague. Today Mossack Fonseca still lists a Czech office on its official Mossack Fonseca Website ( using the address of the Akont offices in Prague. 
      Mossack Fonseca still maintains a Czech domain name which points to the official Mossack Fonseca website, (MossFon.CZ), the official Mossack Fonseca ( web site directs inquiries to its Czech branch via the email address
      Mossack Fonseca shares the same email server in Prague as the WPB group of companies including the Office House and WPB Capital Union, the Czech regulated bank.
      The domain name for is registered to an American LLC, Zancom which was incorporated by Mark Hankins of Florida Incorporators Inc. Mr. Hankins professional address is used as that of the registered agents and his personal address is listed as the primary place of business for Zancom. Mr. Hankins initially sent me a highly sensational email, which included a veiled threat towards my life when he learned of my investigations.
      Zancom is owned by two companies Shearings Company s.a. owning 62% and Hawick International s.a. owning 38%, both domiciled in Belize.

      Below is a partial diagram of some of Mossack Fonseca's corporate affiliations.

      It is very clear that , Mossack Fonseca Czech s.r.o.  Akont and the WPB Group of companies operated in a very joint way, there are numerous connections between these entities.
      Mr. Vavruska and Mr. Tvrdy were both listed as Akont employees at the same time as they were listed as the beneficial owners of Mossack Fonseca Czech s.r.o. Mr. Vavruska was at the same time listed as the director of WPB Consulting a.s.

      Office House s.r.o.  is one of the oldest companies in the Czech Republic, providing registered agent services and serviced offices to business.
      I utilized the services of the Office House company as my managing agent at a cost of approximately $100 per month for my Czech Company. In 2007 I was supposedly sent a notice stating my contract would be terminated and I would be charged penalty rates for non payment. This supposed mailing was address incorrectly as shown in the copy of the notice supplied several years later by the Office House s.r.o.. In 2010 the Office House s.r.o. received sensitive and confidential mailings from Hypotechni Banka on my companies behalf. An explanation of where these mailings went, or exactly what happened to them has never been provided. At the same time as receiving these mailings what was described as my outstanding debt to the Office House s.r.o. had by now become some $20,000 USD with huge penalties added on.  This "debt" was transferred to a British Company called Westend Solutions Limited with  directors by the name of Timothy Fosberry and Shirly Mwanje for Corporate secretaries Limited. Signatures for the transfer of the debt from Office House S.R.O. to Westend Solutions Limited were supposedly witnessed by Solicitor Peter Jospeh. Westend Solutions filed in the Czech court unbeknownst to me and got a default judgement for the inflated sum.  
      Because I was imminently transferring title of my real estate assets another company called Sarter Enterprises LLC (a New Jersey incorporation) filed a false and fraudulent claim against my real estate holdings in order to give Westend Solutions Limited enough time to finalize the default judgement and thereby block any transfers of my property.  

      In web entries for the 'WPB Group' the Office House s.r.o. is listed as a group company from as early as 2008.


      Sarter Enterprises LLC    
      Incoprorated in New Jersey USA by the Cobus Group with directors Rachel Amy Erickson and Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited. Sarter Enterprises LLC was incorporated on July 26th 2010 and documents with Ms. Erickson and Ms. Mwanje's signature were certified in London by solicitor Peter Joseph on July 29th 2010 . The documents in question were for use in the Czech Republic to provide Mgr. Jan Zeman with a power of attorney. Czech Law does not recognize attestations of signature and requires as do most jurisdictions the actual witnessing of signatures. These documents were misleading in that the signature of Ms. Erickson appears under the typing "In London on July 29th 2010 " Ms. Erickson was in fact in Australia on that date. Our first contact by phone with Ms. Erickson in October revealed that she knew nothing of the incorporation and had never heard of Sarter Enterprises LLC. A story she later changed despite her verbal declaration that she had never heard of the company and that she never signs documents that misrepresent her location.  Subsequently she signed an affidavit to state she had signed one of the two documents in question for Sarter Enterprises, however, we know this to be a fraudulent statement. Ms. Erickson verbally stated that she had never heard of Sarter Enterprises LLC  and further the dated signature on the document was supposedly signed in Australia, however, it was witnessed/certified the same day in London. The solicitors signature was then issued an Apostle certificate on the same day. This would have course be a logistical impossibility.
      Ms. Erickson was listed as the director of record with Shirley Mwnaje for Akont Holdings & Capital Limited.
      Clarification of Fraud
      Erickson signed in London July 29th 2010 according to the statement on the document.

      Subsequent statements by Peter Joseph and the Cobus Group in London were that she had actually signed the document in Australia and forwarded it to them.
      The British Solicitor Peter Joseph certified her signature along with Ms. Mwanje's in London on July 29th 2010
      The British Solicitor Peter Joseph provided an Apostle certificate for his signature on July 29th 2010.
      According to Ms. Erickson when originally contacted by Phone she had never signed the document. In any event it is obviously a logistical impossibility for her to have signed the document in Australia and for it to have been in London on the same day.

      Shearings Company s.a.  & Hawick International (Belize) these two companies are joint shareholders in Zancom LLC an American Incorporation by Mark Hankins of Florida Incorporators. Zancom LLC is the owner and registrant of the domain name the official domain and email contact of Mossack Fonseca’s Czech office.
      This powerful corporate alliance in 2008 through its ownership of Axia Founders LLC has also founded Ms Taťána Kuchařová the Czech Miss World of 2006’s charitable foundation in Prague.  AT the time of the foundations inception Ms. Kucharova was dating Mr. Milan Richter the Czech politician.

      Westend Solutions Limited  
      A British incorporation by the Cobus Group Limited in London represented by director Timothy Fosberry who is also a director of the Cobus Group. Westend Solutions Limited also lists Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited as the corporate secretary of record. Westend solutions claimed to have purchased a debt due by my company Statesboro s.r.o. from the Office House s.r.o. Westend solutions filed in Prague to collect this debt and achieved a default judgement against Statesboro s.r.o. A second incorporation by the Cobus Group sharing the same corporate secretary was filed directly against the property holdings of Statesboro s.r.o. in order to cloud the property title to provide Westend Solutions Limited with sufficient time to be able to achieve it's judgement. It is uncertain at this time if Westend Solutions is required to be licensed under UK law.

       In 2011 Westend Solutions Limited ( UK) moved its registered office in the UK to the same address used by several companies connected to Terrinvest s.r.o. ( CZ) a seemingly joint venture tax optimizing company based in Prague which seems to be part owned by Les Biller (The former COO) of Wells Fargo Bank in the USA through an American LLC , Greendale Capital which works closely with Mr. Hlavacek as a corporate service provider.

      WPB Capital Union  
      The WPB Capital union was born of a small credit union  with just 111 original members. Pavel Petrovic acted as the power of attorney for numerous of the original members when this Credit Union' became WPB Capital Union on the 17th of November 2004. The Akont offices in Prague were also used as a branch office for 'the Credit Union' in 1999 which was based in Pardabuce in the offices of other original founding members, Deus Pardubice CZ sro (Ing. Zdeněk Hamáček & Ing. František Jirásek)

      . In 2008 WPB Capital Union received its own swift number and offers a full range of banking services. In 2009 the company published its ownership interests as follows:

      • 20.7% of Pavel Petrovich
           Habrovky U 247/11, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic
      • 20.7% of Gateway Investments, Inc..
           1821 Logan Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001, United States
      • 20.7% of the Investment Management Group Inc
           25 Greystone Manor, Lewes, Delaware 19958-9776, USA
      • 20.7% of WPB Finance Limited
           161 Cleveland Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 6BU, United Kingdom
      These three companies, two from the UK and one from the USA are represented by nominee directors with non transparent ownership.
      In 2011 i n corporate filings WPB Capital  Union referenced Spolecnosti Online s.r.o. and Office House s.r.o. as close held group companies.
      WPB Capital Union has enjoyed substantial growth since its inception and is regulated by the Czech National Bank.
      See the section on Unanswered questions about WPB Capital Union.

      In web entries for the 'WPB Group' the Office House s.r.o. is listed as a group company from as early as 2008.

      As at May 30th 2013 the following statement was issued by the Czech National Bank

      "Following a thorough assessment of the situation, and taking into account the seriousness of the shortcomings detected in the credit union's business, the CNB decided it had to prohibit or restrict the performance of these activities by the credit union. Above all, this means that members cannot deposit money with the union," said CNB spokesman Marek Petruš.

      "The CNB made this decision to protect the deposits of the union's members," said Mr Petruš.

      AS AT MAY 30th 2013 The following article detailing an investigation into the WPB Capital Union appeared in various press in the Czech Republic.(Full Article)

      The Czech Newserver featured the following story on the WPB Capital Union and the fraud my company was subjected to.

      Jedna z pěti největších kampeliček je na pokraji skandálu

      Problémy se valí na jednu z pěti největších českých kampeliček. Její lidé jsou od začátku roku stíhaní policií pro podezření ze spáchání „zvlášť závažného zločinu podvodu ve stadiu pokusu“. Kromě toho disponuje informacemi o velmi podezřelých okolnostech navyšování základního kapitálu družstva a nakládání s majetkem jeho klientů.

      Ještě před dvěma lety to vypadalo, že spořitelní družstvo WPB Capital, nejdůležitější součást WPB Group, má před sebou zářnou budoucnost. Rychlým tempem rostl základní kapitál až k hranici půl miliardy korun, jejíž překonání je nutné pro žádost o bankovní licenci, zvyšoval se také počet klientů a bilanční suma přesáhla pět miliard korun.

      Na pozadí těchto čísel se ale odehrávalo a dodnes odehrává několik příběhů, které budoucnost kampeličky WPB Capital naopak výrazně ohrožují.

      Především se rozhádaly klíčové postavy družstva, jeho spoluzakladatelé Pavel Petrovič a Patrik Bugan. Původně šlo o víceméně přátelský rozchod s důstojným finančním i majetkovým vyrovnáním odcházejícího Petroviče, rozloženým do několika etap. Petrovič dnes rozluku zdůvodňuje tím, že už tehdy byl nespokojený se směrem, kterým se skupina vydává a s praktikami, které ke svému rozvoji používá, dokud však platily dohody o vyrovnání, mlčel. V roce 2011 se ale platby zastavily. Bugan se hájí tím, že dohoda s Petrovičem vycházela z očekávání hospodářského vývoje, který kvůli objektivním příčinám nenastal. Petrovič ale na jejím dodržení v domluveném čase a výši trval.

      Krádež bianco papírů

      Spor, který se mezi nimi rozhořel, vyústil v kriminální zápletku týkající se společnosti Rotondor. Tu Petrovič, ještě jako společník skupiny WPB , založil na přelomu let 2007-8 kvůli jedinému účelu, nákupu pozemků na pražském Proseku. Jednatelem ustanovil svého známého Jiřího Malivánka, jehož byznysem je poskytování služeb „stínového“ statutárního orgánu v mnoha společnostech. 

      Pro nejrůznější úřední úkony ve firmách, kde působil, měl Malivánek podepsané bianco papíry, připravené k rychlému použití. Těchto papírů se podle něj a podle Petroviče na začátku roku 2012 zmocnili Bugan se svým kolegou Ondřejem Baudyšem, předsedou představenstva WPB Consulting, v Malivánkově kanceláři. Díky tomu vyhotovili dokument, jímž se Malivánek měl sám na konci roku 2011 odvolat z funkce jednatele Rotondoru a místo sebe nominovat jistého Jána Betíka. Ten poté rozjel operaci, na jejímž základě se Rotondor zavázal uhradit londýnské „skořápkové“ firmě Trowmart Limited patřící WPB údajné pohledávky ve výši 27,3 milionů korun. To se nestalo a Trowmart Limited následně na Rotondor a její nemovitosti podala návrh na exekuci.

      Bizarní zápletku už déle než rok rozmotává policie, která letos v lednu dospěla k závěru, že Petrovič s Malivánkem mají pravdu a proti Buganovi, Baudyšovi a Betíkovi zahájila trestní stíhání. Patrik Bugan už loni v lednu opustil představenstvo WPB Capital, v jehož čele ho nahradila jeho matka Terézia Buganová, aby kampeličku svými problémy neohrožoval, policie přesto alarmovala Českou národní banku. Ta nicméně zatím zůstává ve vztahu k WPB Capital v klidu.


      Divoký růst kapitálu

      Družstevní záložny obecně v Česku nemají zrovna na růžích ustláno. ČNB k nim zaujímá mírně řečeno rezervovaný postoj, ale vše nasvědčuje tomu, že do budoucna s jejich existencí příliš nepočítá. Jejich nadějí je přerod v klasickou banku, což mimo jiné obnáší minimální základní kapitál ve výši půl miliardy korun. A právě způsob, jakým k této hranici dokráčela WPB Capital, možná bude ČNB zajímat víc než trable Patrika Bugana, dnes oficiálně pouze člena kontrolní komise družstva, a jeho kolegů.

      Základní kapitál záložny při žádosti o bankovní licenci musí být tvořen zcela splacenými peněžitými vklady s průhledným původem. WPB Capital, deklarující ve svých výročních zprávách cíl stát se bankou, v letech 2010 a 2011 navýšila základní kapitál o 260 milionů korun. Zastavila se těsně pod licenční hranou na nynějších 450,5 milionu korun. Na základě informací z interních dokumentů záložny, které má k dispozici, je patrné, proč zatím kapitál nestoupl výš, aby mohlo bankovní řízení začít. Problémem evidentně bude právě prokázání původu peněz použitých pro skoková navýšení kapitálu. WPB na ně zjevně použila peníze svých střadatelů a do svého kapitálu je nalila přes nastrčené firmy a fyzické osoby - vybrané zaměstnance ze skupiny WPB.

      Jedním z lidí ze skupiny WPB, kteří se stali podílníky na základním kapitálu, je už zmíněný Ondřej Baudyš. Na jeho příkladě lze ilustrovat postup i u ostatních navyšovatelů, kde princip je stejný, liší se jen jména firem.

      Na základě úvěrového návrhu z 22. července 2010 poskytlo spořitelní družstvo WPB Capital půjčku ve výši 36 milionů české společnosti Bubble dolce Raffaelo. Ta 3. srpna 2010 půjčila 35,54 milionů firmě Tebbington. Přes ni a přes v zahraničí registrované firmy Weidenfield Investments a Business Investments se následnými půjčkami tyto peníze dostaly do firmy Managemetn Services London. Všechny tyto firmy patří do skupiny WPB, což dokládají faktury za jejich vytvoření. Mimochodem účty těchto firem byly vedeny u dnes proslavené kyperské Laiki Bank, obzvláště populární mezi zahraničními klienty. 

      Ondřej Baudyš si 27. 8. 2010 půjčil od Management Services London 21,5 milionu korun, které následně složil jako členský podíl ve WPB Capital. Na základě další půjčky 15 milionů od stejné firmy z 3. červa 2011 tento podíl ještě navýšil.

      Při osobní konfrontaci Ondřej Baudyš tyto informace označil za vykonstruované, původ peněz vložených do WPB ale odmítl specifikovat.


      Američan v české offshorové pasti

      Problém WPB má mimo to ještě mezinárodní rozměr. Svatou válku záložně vyhlásil její někdejší klient, americký obchodník s nemovitostmi Stephen John Mayer z Floridy. V kostce jde opět o zneužití zahraničních skořápek při vymáhání neexistujících nebo uměle vytvořených pohledávek.

      Mayer si v roce 2006 vyhlédl v středočeské obci Dubčany u Liběšic rozsáhlou a zanedbanou starou vilu „Zámeček“. Protože coby cizinec nemohl nemovitost vlastnit jako fyzická osoba, pořídil zde pro účely její koupě a správy českou firmu Statesboro. Poprvé se tak dostal do kontaktu s lidmi kolem WPB. Statesboro byla totiž klasická ready made firma ze stáje společnosti Office House (, patřící do portfolia WPB Group. Mayer získal vilu a vše se zdálo být v pořádku. V roce 2010 se ale rozhodl pro její kompletní opravu a rekonstrukci, a pro ty účely Statesboro požádala o hypotéku u Hypoteční banky. Místo slibovaného rychlého vyřízení přišla zpráva od právní kanceláře Vostárek & Partner, zastupující Mayera, že proti Statesboro byla podána žaloba na neplatnost nákupu vily a pozemků. Prý kvůli zneužití nouze prodávajících. Žalobu ovšem nepodali původní majitelé, ti o tom ani nevěděli, ale dosud zcela neznámá společnost Sarter Enterprises z amerického New Jersey. Hypoteční banka následně informovala Mayera, že hypotéku nebude moci poskytnout do vyřešení sporu, což v takovém případě, byť zjevně šlo o šikanózní a nerealistickou žalobu, mohlo trvat měsíce až roky.

      Mayer začal pátrat, co se děje a kdo stojí za Sarter Ent., do toho ale přišla další rána. Na scénu vstoupil další offshore hráč, Westend Solution Limited, tentokrát z britského městečka Truro. Mayerovi přes právníky sdělil, že vymáhá zhruba půlmilionovou pohledávku vůči jeho Statesboro, kterou mezitím koupil od Office House a o níž Mayer neměl dosud potuchy. Šlo o prý nezaplacené poplatky za užívání sídla společnosti. V dopise právním zástupcům Mayera ovšem právník Westend Solution nabídl mimosoudní vyrovnání, přičemž přiznal, že se mezitím dohodl se zástupci Sarter Ent., že v takovém případě oni odstoupí od své žaloby proti koupi vily a pozemků.

      Pointou příběhu není to, že Mayer odmítl zaplatit a i přes zatím marnou snahu domoci se spravedlnosti pomocí české policie a justice se nakonec z Česka stáhl, přičemž na jeho zdejší majetek je vydán exekuční příkaz ve prospěch Westend Solution. Pointou je skutečnost, že jak Sarter Enterprises, tak Westend Soulitions, tedy firmy, které s Mayerem sehrály tuto frašku, jsou obě ze stáje WPB. Praktiky těchto firem, jejich vazby a nastrčení ředitelé jsou shodné či podobné s těmi, které nedávno odhalili novináři z Guardianu, BBC a ICIJ v  offshorovém skandálu ve Velké Británii a USA, o němž informoval. Američan chce WPB dohnat k mezinárodnímu soudu, svůj boj detailně popisuje na stránce

      A large number of the "sham directors", listed by the British Guardian Newspaper and the BBC TV documentary Panorama which have been clients of Mr. Peter & Oliver Joseph are tied to the WPB Capital Union group of companies.

      It is very clear that Akont, Mossack Fonseca Czech s.r.o. and the WPB Group of companies operated in a very joint way, there are numerous connections between these entities.
      Mr. Vavruska and Mr. Tvrdy were both listed as Akont employees at the same time as they were listed as the beneficial owners of Mossack Fonseca Czech s.r.o. Mr. Vavruska was at the same time listed as the director of WPB Consulting a.s.