Fraud & Corrupt Practices in Prague & London

Individual Profiles


Mukhtar Ablyazov

Leslie 'Les' Biller   (Former Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Wells Fargo & Company)

Patrik Bugan (SK)

R.J. Brandes

Rachel Amy Erickson (NZ)

Paul Bilzerian (USA)

Dinesh Dalmia

Dr. Henry Ford  (Member Trustee of Citibank (UK) Pension Plan)

Timothy Fosberry (UK)

Mark Hankins (USA)

Keith Hunter (UK)

Peter Joseph (UK)

Oliver Joseph (UK)

Cliff Knuckey (UK)

Jakub Kraus(CZ)

Tatána Kucharová (CZ)

Linda Friis (UK)

Alex Hlavacek (USA)

Judr Jiri Holas (CZ)

David Marx (UK)

Shirley Mwanje (UK)

Nominee Directors (Global) 

David Pearlman (UK)

Pavel Petrovic (CZ)

Robin Rodriguez (USA)

Shabeyer Syrym

Dusan Tvrdy (CZ)

David Vavruska (CZ)

Martin Woods (UK)

Leslie (Les) Biller (USA) 

Mr. Biller is an American Banker , the former Vice chairman and COO of Wells Fargo Bank. On public records he is listed as a member and registered agent of a branch office of the Californian Company Greendale Capital LLC, which is/was domiciled at one of the homes of Alex Hlavacek (3129 Quimby Street, San Diego, CA). Greendale Capital also has a mirror company based in London, (which has been renamed Terrinvest Group Limited) and works directly with and or partners with Alex Hlavacek, the Miami Beach Company incorporation agent. The Czech company Terrinvest s.r.o. is in part owned by Greendale Capital LLC (USA).

Paul Bilzerian 
Mr. Bilzerian is a notorious corporate raider who was fined and banned from brokerage activities by the  SEC and bankrupted through fines and IRS claims. He maintained the same residence at 16229 Villa Real, D'avila, Tampa, Florida for nearly 20 years despite numerous attempts by creditors to force the properties sale. When it did sell, Mr. & Mrs. Bilzerian remained in residence for a number of years as 'property managers'. More recently the American hedge fund banker Robin Rodriguez has listed the address as his place of business for several of his  incorporation's, Mr. Rodriguez has also done business with several other members of the Bilzerian family*. From 1980 to 1984 Mr. Bilzerian was listed as the president of a Florida company called, THE FLORIDA CONSULTING GROUP INCORPORATED and although perhaps only a coincidence a company using the nominee director, Rachel Amy Erickson was listed in Florida in 2007 as, Florida Consulting Group LLC.

* Mortgage loan, Energo Holdings/Carpathian Resources.
A mirror company Energo Holdngs listed in the uk uses the services of Rachel Amy Erickson 

R. J. Brandes 
Michael Patrick Dwen is the current MNGR of DEFCO Asset Management LC (Florida). In 2003 Balmoral Management LLC (Delaware) was listed as the Manager of DEFCO ASSET Management LC which listed R J Brandes as officer of Balmoral Management with Brandes located at 28801 SAN JUAN CREEK RD SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA 92675. Dwen is a prolific nominee director whose whereabouts were sought by Interpol from the early to late 2000's, in relation to claims of "tunneling in the Czech Republic involving Pavel Petrovic and numerous other parties.


Rachel Amy Erickson (NZ) 

A nominee director, the mother of Ian Taylor's, (GT Group company Incorporator) children who is a New Zealand National, resident in Australia. Ms Erickson was the director of record for Akont Holdings & Capital Limited as well as Sarter Enterprises LLC jointly with Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries limited
The GT Group company has now closed after pressure from the New Zealand Government when its involvement as the service provider for corporations were linked to an illegal shipment of arms from North Korea bound for Iran were intercepted by authorities en-route in 2009. Several of the nominee directors used in those transactions like Nesita Manceau have since retreated to far flung corners of the world, However, until 2010 Ms. Manceau was listed as director and shareholder of an American LLC which in part owned the WPB Group of companies which operates the Office House and WPB Capital Union based in Prague.
When we applied pressure to Ms. Erickson with regard to signing documents for Sarter Enterprises LLC we received an email from Mr. Ian Taylor who stated, "Ms. Erickson clearly had not signed the documents or had any knowledge of the company." Several weeks later we were informed by the Cobus Group Limited based in London that the statements were an administrative error and that she had signed the documents. However, logistically signing documents in Australia,certifying and providing an Apostle for these documents on the same day in London is a logistical impossibility. It further compounded the conspiracy to defraud us of our assets by enjoining the Cobus Group Timothy Fosberry, David Marx & Shirley Mwanje  with the Solicitors of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP more tightly

Mark Hankins (USA) 
Mr. Hankins provides incorporation services and registered offices services for Corporations in the USA.He is the is the founder and president of Florida Incorporators Inc. Mark Hankins sent me an email of a highly dramatic nature which contained a veiled threat to my well being should I continue to investigate the circumstances around the fraud perpetrated against me in the Czech Republic. In another email Mr Hankins stated he had personally met Mr. Tvrdy in Miami who he described as a roving agent for Akont in Prague. However, records show that Mr. Tvrdy not only worked for Akont at that time but was also listed as a beneficial owner of Mossack Fonseca’s Czech Republic Company, Mossack Fonseca & Co Mr. Hankins incorporated the Florida LLC Zancom which was the registered owner of the Mossack Fonseca domain in Prague ( He also listed Zancom at his personal residence as its primary place of business as he has done for numerous corporations. Many of these same companies have claimed in Czech court fillings to enact business in the USA. Mr. Hankins has worked on numerous other incorporations either directly or indirectly for Mossack Fonseca. A number of his Florida incorporations use nominee directors which are then witnessed or certified in London by Peter & Oliver Joseph of Gregory Davidson LLP. 
Mr. Hankins law offices was located in Lutz, Florida, just a mile from the home of Mr. Bilzerian's which became the subsequent  residence of Mr. Robin Rodriguez.

Mark Hankins in a licensed lawyer in Florida USA and subject to American law and the rules of the Florida Bar. Recently Mr. Hankins sought to solicit clients to bring suit against me in direct contravention of the Rules of The Florida Bar, which is referred to as solicitation. Mr. Hankins has also referred to the defrauding of my real property in the Czech Republic as "escheat" a specific term which means to revert property to the state, particularly poignant if you first read the Jamestown Foundation article of 2009. ( See below); At the very least this brings into question Mr. Hankins flaunting of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The Jamestown Foundation in Washington has previously offered an explanation of events in the Czech Republic, ( See article here) and compare to the relationship chart we have created here.

Alex Hlavacek  
Mr Hlavacek is a Miami based registered agent and company incorporator who has frequently supplied company incorporations for the Cobus Group in London, Mr. Hankins has also worked with numerous nominees directors and at one time listed Rachel Amy Erickson as domiciled at his home address. Numerous of his incorporations have ended up on the desk of Mr. Oliver of Peter Joseph in their capacity as witnessing solicitors.
Mr. Hankins was the incorporator of  InterBlue Group the company investigated in the Slovak Republic over the purchase of emissions credits.
Mr. Hlavacek is directly linked to the Czech attorneys who filed suit against my company in Prague. More recently Mr. Hlavacek has developed a business by working directly with a Czech Attorney Tomas Pelikan in the sale of previously incorporated shelf companies in the USA through a holding company called Terrinvest s.r.o. and an American and British incoproation called Greendale Capital.
Mr. Hlavacek also works with other British incorporation agents where he provides nominee and registered agents services. Mr. Hlavacek also maintains 
registered office address in the state of California.
When Czech attorneys for the British company Westend Solutions Limited sought to extract an out of court settlement for their default judgement against my Czech company it was Mr. Hlavacek who forwarded their correspondence in English directly to me via email.
Mr. Hlavacek was also famously mentioned as the incorporator of record in respect of the emissions credit sale from Slovakia for a company known as Interblue Group.

In 2011 Westend Solutions Limited ( UK) moved its registered office in the UK to the same address used by several companies connected to Terrinvest s.r.o. ( CZ) a seemingly joint venture tax optimizing company based in Prague which seems to be part owned by Les Biller (The former CEO) of Wells Fargo Bank in the USA through an American LLC , Greendale Capital which works closely with Mr. Hlavacek as a corporate service provider.

At the time of the fraud I was subjected to the following text was accurate for Mr. Hlavacek & his company Apex's association with Mr. Tomas Pelikan:

In the Czech Corporate Registry Mr. Pelikan ( Date of Birth 14th December 1971) is listed as 66% owner/ representative of Terrinvest s.r.o. (IC 23428390).  The remaining 34% is registered to Greendale Capital LLC an Iowa USA Corporation.
Greendale Capital LLC is also owned/represented by Tomas Pelikan, however the registered agent is listed as Edward Bruck in Iowa the actual office address listed as the primary business address is that of one of Mr. ALex Hlavacek's personal address's (3129 Quimby Street , San Diego CA).

Mr. Pelikan is also listed in the Florida corporate register as a managing member of Territorial Investments LLC ( Ref L10000082525) along with  Svetlana Visnevska of Marsa Gatve 10-11 Riga, LV-1082 Latvia. The principle office address and registered agents address are both maintained by Alex Hlavacek.

D B Asset Management is listed at Mr. Hlavaceks San Diego Mailing address as the primary place of business by a Ms. Laura Gavard.  Western Consultants LLC  is listed at the First manager of record for D B Asset Manager ( Reg # 428296-97) which is also registered to Mr. Hlavaceks San Diego address.

Western Consultants LLC is the managing member of AKI Okamura LLC which is registered as the beneficial owner of Slovakian companies Euroinkaso a.s. and AAA Bratislava s.r.o. Western Consultants LLC is managed by Mr. Tomas Pelikan which in term is the managing member of some 75 Corporate entities listed in the Oregon State corporate register alone.

On the website for Teritorial Investment Group they list one of their Member companies as TERRITORIAL INVESTMENTS LLC  located at 2710 Thomes Avenue Cheyenne, WY 82001 USAThis is the same address ( managing agent) used  by the WPB Group for their Shareholder listed as US Property Management Inc.

Judr Jiri Holas
Jiri Holas is a Czech attorney who was frequently handed the power of attorney by a number of the so called sham directors.

Linda Friis 
Ms. Friis is a Stevenage based solicitor who has frequently 'witnessed' signatures for 'sham directors' , when emailed and asked specifically about which signatures she actually witnessed or which she was attesting to she did not respond.
Much like the London Solicitor Peter Joseph a vast number of the witness attestations on corporate documents are highly questionable, indeed a simple cross reference to entry and exit dates on the individuals passports will reveal they were not all present as alleged.

Relationship chart Ms. Friis:

Cliff Knuckey (UK) 
Cliff Knuckey is a private investigator and senior ex Metropolitan Police officer. He was partners with Martin Woods in Hermes Forensic Solutions, a company that approached me to solicit me as a client in early 2011.
Mr. Knuckey was also the Group Managing director with Kieth Hunter ( Former Metropolitan Police chief of the Ant-Corruption unit) of ISC Global Limited which included a group of private security companies. The company names were changed to the  Risc Group in 2006, a more detailed explanation of these individuals can be found by following this link to Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited.

Jakub Kraus 
Mr. kraus is listed on various documents for the WPB Group of companies , one such document reflects him as the compliance officer of WPB Finance in 2008 . Westend Solutions Limited provided Mr. Kraus with a power of attorney to act on the company's behalf. This power of attorney was executed by Mr. Timothy Fosberry as director of Westend Solutions Limited ( witnessed by Peter Joseph). Mr. Kraus and Ales Minarik frequently countersigns documents in a notarial capacity for the WPB Group of Companies. Example 1, ( in this example dated 26th July 2010 Ms. Minarik is used to certify the signature of director Mr. Pavel Petrovik for the company WPB Holding &  Finance NV when giving a power of attorney to Judr Jiri Holas.)  Example 2,(in this example Ales Minarik is certifying the signature of Judr Jiri Holas in documents dated September 30 2010 which are also signed by Thomas Svoboda of the WPB Group in a transaction involving G.B. Invest a.s.)  Example 3,(in this document Mr. Kraus counter signs/notarizes a document for WPB consulting a.s. ) Example 4 (Ales Minarik notarizes Judr Jiri Holas in acting for the Office House company ).  Mr. Kraus provided Ales Minarik with a power of attorney to  act on behalf of Westend Solutions Limited and represent matters in court against my company in Prague.  In court filings the attorneys represented a need for urgency  as they had noted from the property records that I was seeking a mortgage for my property. (AT THAT TIME NO SUCH RECORDING HAD TAKEN PLACE) At the time of filing suit against my company in the Czech Republic, unknown to us, confidential mailings were being sent to the company address of record by Hypotecni Banka in conjunction with our mortgage application. The address that still showed on corporate documents for our company was that of the Office House Company a subsidiary of the WPB Group of companies.

Taťána Kuchařová (CZ) 
A Czech National and Former Miss World 2006, her previous boyfriend was the Czech Politician Milan Richter. Ms. Kucharova also runs a foundation based in the Czech Republic which was founded by Axia Founders LLC. 

Nominee Directors. 
The Following is a list of nominee directors many of whom hold hundreds of directorships all over the world, many for companies domiciled in countries for language's they do not speak or understand. In numerous cases they are the only face of management or ownership for these companies. Most if not all of this list of individuals have been listed as directors and signed documents allegedly witnessed in the presence of British Solicitors Peter and or Oliver Joseph in London. 
(As time permits we will provide links to various companies they have previously and currently represent)
In the Collum "domicile" If the individual has been witnessed or certified signing documents by Peter or Oliver Joseph, British solicitors  AND associated with the Cobus Group Limited of the UK you will note "**".

Nominee Director /Share Holder Name. Nationality Key Corporate Listing
Corporate Domicile 
Allistair Cunningham

Aman Antoinette Rooney

WPB Finance Limited
Andreas Karapatakis

Brenda Patricia Cocksedge


Nordic Victory s.r.o.
Braxton Invest s.r.o.
Companies Online s.r.o.

Charles Kalopungi Vanuatu
Christine Cornelia Van Den Berg 
Employee of Mossack Fonseca
British ( South African) APU Enterprises LLC FL/USA**
Damian James Calderbank Optimum Energy CEE Ltd.
Redden Finance Ltd
Princeton Traders Limited
Cityway LLC
Erickson Raymond Christoper   
Geoffrey Taylor Ex-Pat British  Garnett Holdings Ltd
Gab Trading LLC
Sunrise Power LLC
Glenworth Osmond Emanuel   
Hasting Renaldo Daniel  
Ian Taylor New Zealand Borco Solutions Limited
Interconnect Telecom LLC
Irvin Boncamper  St. Kitts
(Currently In USA Jail)
Brandson Enterprises Ltd UK**
James Anselm Dominica  
James William Grassick  
Janice Liburd St Kitts
Previous receptionist for Irvin Boncamper.
Axia Founders LLC
Lutz & Cohen Limited
Insanely Great a.s.
Rubicon Solutions Limited
Divide Et Impira s.r.o.
Jesse Grant Hester  Ex Pat British The Abacus Trust
Office House s.r.o.
Olivier Capital s.r.o.
Akont Spol s.r.o.
Nusco s.r.o.
Cotex LLC
Bee Byte Ltd (Finotec Grp)
John Robert Montague Stuart Wortley Hunt
Employee of Mossack Fonseca
Ex-Pat British
Akont Holding & Capital Ltd
Marsden & Dods Finance Ltd
Arthur Bradley & Smith Ltd
Westwind Business Consultants LLC
CKD Financial Technologies Ltd.

Keith Hango   
Louisa Anestha Henry Nevis St Kits Gas Invest Technology Ltd
Gas Investment Ltd
Marios Vardes  
Mathew Charles Stokes
Excalibur Investments LTD
Hermitage Participations S.A
Michael Ian Bulliman  
Michael Patrick Dwen

Akont s.r.o.

The Abacus Trust


Defco Asset Management  




             Florida (US)
Milton Philburt  APU EnterPrises LLC USA**
Nesita Manceau Australia*
RE Arms Shipment
GT Group.
Klauber Business Limited
Astbury Solutions a.s.
Paulette Omel Archibald
Goldboard Investments LLC
Peter Matovu Mwanje  
Priscila Lustre Taylor  
Rachel Amy Erickson New Zealand Akont Holding & Capital Ltd
Sarter Enterprises LLC
ATM Distribution LLC
TCS Traffic Control Systems Ltd
Balmore Invest Limited

Robert Benjamin Gersohn British  
Sandra Thomas Nevis Hogson Limited
Sarah Francis Alison Lyons  
Septimus Rhudd   
Shirley Mwanje British Company Secretaries Ltd
Thomas Edmund Ashman  
Timothy Fosberry British Cobus Group Limited
Westend Solutions Limited
Westminster Accounting Ltd
WPB Investment Fund Ltd
Yiannakis Papatheodorou Montego Bay Financial Seychelles

David Pearlman (UK) 
Mr. Pearlman is a Hamstead Gardens Suburd/Finchley resident, he is 73 years old and a registered Accountant in the United Kingdom. Mr. Pearlman operates a company called BC Centrum an offshore corporate formation agent as well as pass and present director of numerous corporate entities including Centrum Secretaries, Temple Secretaries, Abacus Trust and Mena Corp etc. Mena Corp & Red Star Holdings Limited were famously investigated by the American Senate for their non transparent ownership, both companies had garnered over a billion US dollars in defense department fuel contracts. Many of the entities revolve around a registered office address of 788-790 Finchley Road in London and many of the same corporations use the same pool of nominee directors. Mr. Pearlman is well acquainted with Peter & Oliver Joseph the solicitors referenced through this website. Recent press coverage in the James Ibori money laundering case  in London revealed BC Centrum incorporated  acted as service provider for several of Mr. James Ibori's companies. Mr. Pearlman's companies, as a service provider, also worked for the ISC Global incorporation's and subsequently the Risc Management Group entities which also shared the same corporate secretary, Temple Secretaries Limited.
Mr. Pearlman uses the same address 788-790 Finchley Road London for himself and his various companies, the same address is widely sued as a drop ship address for numerous companies, of particular interest to me was its use for  Akont Holding & Capital which lists either a Mossack Fonseca employee as the director or Rachel Amy Erickson who was the director of record that filed a fraudulent claim against my assets.
In 2005 Mr. Pearman was listed as the trust Secretary for Abacus Trust Limited in a filing at the SEC in the USA for The A Consulting Team Inc.

Pavel Petrovic (CZ) 
Pavel Petrovic an accountant and the common thread between Akont, Mossack Fonseca , Office House and WPB Capital, spořitelní družstvo, he has previously acknowledged being the owner of Akont .
Mr. Petrovic has previously stated to Police Investigators he was the owner of Akont in Prague, he was also at the same time listed on the Mossack Fonseca website from the late 1990's through 2005 as their contact in Prague. In 2009 he  was  listed as a substantial beneficial owner of WPB Capital Union, he is further listed in connection with Fidelity the prior company before the name change to WPB Capital Limited. He has also been listed as a director of Office House s.r.o. in Prague.
The Office House, WPB Credit Union, Mossack Fonseca, all share the same email server in Prague at the time of writing this.
Mr Petrovic was also the superior of Dusan Tvrdy at Akont in Prague , Mr. Tvrdy met with Mr. Hankins during that period in Miami. Mr. Hankins has a number of ties to this group including but not limited to an incorporation that Mr. Petrovic was questioned about in relation to tax evasion and fraud claims in Prague.
That same Police investigation ties directly to the Cobus Group in London through an incoproration renamed as Gladeview Homes Limited (UK). Mr. Hankins was the author of a highly sensational email that included a veiled threat to my life should I continue to investigate the fraud perpetrated against me.
Frantisek Povolny and Jan Jukl both Prague based  attorneys claimed to have negotiated with Sarter Enterprises LLC a company we have proved was born of fraud; these same lawyers claimed in writing to be able to speak for "their client" which apparently included the Office House s.r.o. 
His connections to the same group of individuals and companies in the fraud perpetrated against us can be further seen in the unanswered questions section of this site.

In court fillings in the Czech Republic made on the 6th of May 2013 statements are made that in fact Mr. Patrick Bugan  and Zdenek Seidl controlled Sarter Enterprises LCC.  Further documents show that Sarter Enterprises LLC was dissolved on October 20th 2010 in favor of Porto Cesareo Finance Limited which in turn according to court  documents saw the assets transferred to NevinGate Industries whose legal representative A K Gruner claimed were assets held in favor of Pavel Petrovic.  

This chart details some relationships with Mr. Petrovic, which ultimately connect to the Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited Company among others.

Robin Rodriguez (USA)  Paul Bilzerian, George Goldsmith.
Mr Rodriguez based in Miami was the founder and chairman of Stonegate Bank, according to his website, he is also Managing Member of Anglo-American Financial, (co founders Mario Dix &  Charles Robinson) which through its subsidiaries has acted as an asset-based lender, an options broker on the London Stock Exchange and the London Metal Exchange, an SEC-registered investment adviser and an NASD-registered and SIPC-insured broker-dealer. In 1999, Mr. Rodriguez was the Founder and Managing General Partner of Cordell Funding, LLP, an asset-based lender that became permitted in 2006 by the Central Bank of the Bahamas to act as a Lender there. In 2005, Mr. Rodriguez was Co-Founder and Managing Director of the India Deep Value Fund, a hedge fund registered as a Foreign Institutional Investor with the Securities Exchange Board of India. Mr Rodriguez with his partner George Goldsmith also owns International Investments Limited with offices in Nevis and St Kitts.
Robin Rodriguez underwrote the funding for the failed reverse merger of The A consulting Team Inc.  where several off shore corporate entities all using the same nominee directors as the Office House and a Czech Bank called WPB Capital Union were all used to represent the various entities.  This was of particular interest to me as these sham directors had featured at the center of my issues in Prague. Mr. Rodriguez is prolific in the banking and securities industries and has provided funding through his various entities and or partnered with numerous high profile business people such as Robert Okun , Asher B Endleman, Adam & Paul Bilzerian etc. 
Mr. Rodriguez also operates the company Anglo-American Financial with his Cambridge educated partner Charles F. Robinson and International Investments Limited (St. Kitts) with his partner George Goldsmith whose resume boasts business relations and high level negotiations/consultancies, with West African, Chinese and South American Governments.
Several of the sham directors were also used in fillings with the SEC for the Finotec Group through directors of Bahamian corporations, all of which are known to Peter Joseph and David Pearlman.
Mr. Rodriguez most recently lists his residence in Lutz Florida at the same address as the former home of Paul Bilzerian, which, coincidentally is just a minuets from the Law office of Mark Hankins.


Jan 23, 2006
Dalmia loot lands in island hedge fund
Money from a collapsed New Jersey-based outsourcing firm has helped a business chum of girlie-magazine publisher Bob Guccione launch a $100 million offshore hedge fund, The Post has learned.
It's the latest — and oddest — twist yet in the fraud-drenched bankruptcy saga of North Brunswick, N.J.'s Allserve Systems Corp., which went belly up six weeks ago listing debts of $82 million and assets of barely $22 million.
Allserve had claimed to be a leader in the booming business of providing data processing "outsourcing" services to U.S. companies, using cheap foreign labor — mostly in India.
But a series of exclusive exposes in The Post revealed the Allserve empire to be an erector set of fraud, with a fugitive financier from India named Dinesh Dalmia secretly calling the shots.
Once regarded as one of the richest and politically well-connected businessmen in India, Dalmia has lately become a pariah in his home country, where he is wanted for questioning regarding his role in an array of securities frauds on the Calcutta Stock Exchange.
Now, Dalmia's apparent involvement in the unregulated and often shady world of offshore hedge funds have surfaced as well.
The fund in question, bearing the name India Deep Value Fund and run by a Florida-based associate of Dalmia's named Robin Rodriguez, was launched last autumn shortly after Rodriguez agreed to lend $6 million to a Dalmia-linked shell company, Debt Holding Inc., and received back a wire transfer from Allserve of $850,000.
Rodriguez declined to discuss any aspect of his own involvement with Dalmia.
As the head of a Wall Street investment firm called Anglo-American Investor Services Corp., Rodriguez racked up an array of regulatory sanctions and fines dating back to the late 1980s, with some developing as recently as 2002.
In 1996, he lent $5 million to a Mafia-connected penny stock called Holly Holdings Inc., which thereafter became a stock market plaything of the Bonanno, Colombo and Genovese crime families, leading to the arrest and conviction of 19 organized Brooklyn crime figures in 2000.
In 1997, Rodriguez arranged for a $14.5 million loan to General Media Corp. — publisher of Penthouse magazine — on the personal guarantee of Robert Guccione, the company's founder
and chairman, who pledged his East 67th Street townhouse as collateral. Guccione is now in court fighting eviction by new owners of his company.
In 2004 Rodriguez provided $16.5 million in financing to enable a Dalmia-controlled affiliate company of Allserve's to put together a merger for itself with a Nasdaq-listed company on Wall Street.
His most recent largesse, a $6 million loan to Debt Holding Inc., raises a whole new set of disturbing questions, since Debt Holding is a year-old shell company that claims a 500-plus workforce with its headquarters in a Trenton, N.J. warehouse, leased since last June by Allserve.
Court papers show the warehouse to contain crated and unused computer equipment and nothing else.

Dusan Tvrdy (CZ) 
Mr. Tvrdy is based in Prague and has been listed as the beneficial owner of Mossack Fonseca & CO CZ s.r.o. from 1996 through 2006. AT the same time he is listed as an employee/agent with Akont s.r.o. Prague. Both companies are engaged in the business of tax optimization , trust formation and offshore incorporations.
Mr. Tvrdy lunch in Miami with Mr. Mark Hankins in the late 1990's, Mr. Hankins has claimed that he was the roving agent for Akont in Prague. Currently Mr. Tvrdy is employed by the WPB Capital Union group of companies in Prague.

David Vavruska (CZ)  
Mr Vavruska was listed as one of the two senior managers at Akont in Prague with Mr. Pavel Petrovic, at the same time he was also listed as a beneficial owner from 1997 through 2006 as the beneficial owner of Mossack Fonseca & Co CZ s.r.o. Mr. Vavruska is now listed as a member of the WPB Capital Union Management team.

Martin Woods (UK)  
Mr. Woods is an Ex-Scotland Yard of London senior Police officer, he now works in the private sector and is considered an Anti Money Laundering Expert. Mr Woods contacted me in late January 2010 and solicited me as client for his company Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited, with the ruse that he could assist me with the recovery of my losses and at the very least effectively bring attention to the frauds we had discovered in London to the relevant authorities.
After a contract was signed, it quickly became clear to me that Mr. Woods didn't have my best interest at heart, we have subsequently discovered he had a number of conflicts of interest for which a more detailed account can be seen by reading the entry under Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited. According to Mr. Woods on line LinkedIn profile he has left Hermes Forensic Solutions and is now working for the news agency Reuters.