Fraud & Corrupt Practices in Prague & London

Our Story

I am the owner of a company called Statesboro s.r.o. registered in the Czech Republic. This is a non-trading holding company, incorporated for the sole purpose of holding a real estate asset which we purchased in 2006. A requirement for owning real estate by a non-Czech national under Czech law at the time of the property purchase was the need for a Czech corporation.
We purchased the shell company  called Statesboro s.r.o. from Spolecnosti Online & Braxton Invest and used the services of 
Office House s.r.o. as our registered agent in Prague.
In February of 2010 I applied for a mortgage with 
Hypotecni Banka in Prague to renovate and rehabilitate my property. Hypotecni Banka is a subsidiary of the banking Goliath KBC in Belgium. At the time of trying to close the mortgage in August 2010, I was informed that the local Tax office had suddenly registered a lien for unpaid real estate  taxes against the title of our property. We instructed our attorneys to inquire as to the amount, however, we were informed the Tax official responsible was away for a week and that we would need to wait for the information, thus resulting in further delays to our approved closing.  Finally upon the tax officials return we learned of the small amount outstanding ($1000) and paid the bill.

I never received any paperwork for this, despite requests and its timing begs a serious question of a corrupt manipulation of the tax office. At that time we had no idea what further financial hijacking we were to be subjected to or indeed why the Mortgage company had taken so long to process our loan.

I rescheduled our mortgage closing, dispatched my representative to attend the closing to discover an American Company 
(Sarter Enterprises LLC) incorporated in New Jersey (USA) with a sole representative by the name of Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson had filed a claim at the local property register disputing the ownership of my property. The company registered offices were those of Corporation Services Company (CSC) the global incorporation agent. When initially contacted their representative Travis Turner Esq stated via email that they had not incorporated the company and ignored further requests for explanations as their role of managing agents. In fact the Corporation Service Company account was used to both incorporate the LLC and pay for subsequent cancellation.

I instructed attorneys in Prague to investigate the matter and began an extensive investigation into the Company Sarter Enterprises LLC and its director Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson. We learned that the claim had been filed against my property on September 2nd. 2010 and further, that Sarter Enterprises LLC had been the successful bidder in an auction of bankrupt assets of Autocentrum s.r.o. on July 29th 2010 in the Czech Republic. (Case reference c.j.:46 K 217/99-3027) (Filed in the regional court at Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic).   We tracked Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson to Australia where she is resident although she is a New Zealand national. We contacted her by phone and asked her why she had filed this claim and if she was in New Jersey, as the document stated directly above her signature, on August 24th 2010 and further, if she was in London on July 29th 2010 where she had purportedly signed documents for the Autocentrum s.r.o. auction. 
In London, British Solicitor 
Mr. Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP had attested to the signing of the document and further apostilled his signature as a witness for use in the Czech Republic. ( some 50% of the 'sham directors" as  reported on the BBC and in the Guardian newspaper have been 'clients' of this solicitor. (Linda Friis UK Solicitor also frequently 'witness's signatures for numerous members of this group of directors)
During several phone conversations Ms. Erickson stated she had not been in London, Great Britain or New Jersey USA for over a year and further that she had not signed the documents we referred to. She did inform us that she is a nominee director of over 200 companies but never signs documents falsely misrepresenting her physical location. A true mystery when the very ownership of our property was being challenged by a company whose sole representative had no knowledge of the company she purportedly acted for and had clearly stated that she had not signed any documents on the company’s behalf (See document here).     Her partner Mr. Ian Taylor of the GT Group sent us an email to the same effect.

We immediately contacted the British Solicitor, 
Mr. Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP and asked how it was possible that he had witnessed her signature. He stated that he had not witnessed the signature , but instead was certifying it to be hers and that he believed documents had been sent to her in Australia where he thought she had signed them. We informed him we had spoken to her and that she denied signing these documents and if indeed he was not a witness why would he act as one and further apostille the document for use in the Czech Republic. Czech law we are informed requires the direct witnessing of a signature on documents and not merely the attesting to the possible validity of a signature. Mr Joseph then claimed that the documents he had seen had been passed to him by the Cobus Group, a London based company incorporator. (The Czech corporate register has copies of dozens of documents for British and Offshore companies, registered by the Cobus Group Limited (UK) with signatures for sham directors witnessed and certified by Peter & Oliver Joseph(UK). These signatures are neither consistent in style and indeed several individuals claimed by the Joseph's as "in my presence" signing documents have never been to the UK.)
We then received word from our Czech Attorney (Jana Svehlova of Vostarek & Komeiserova)  to say we had been sued by another company called Westend Solutions Limited, this time a British Incorporation, also incorporated by the Cobus Group, with the same common company secretary as Sarter Enterprises LLC, being Shirley Mwnaje for 
Corporate Secretaries Limited. This time the director of record was Timothy Fosberry who is also the director of the Cobus Group Limited; Westend Solutions Limited listed its ownership as bearer shares. Follow this link for a chart which shows the conections to the Hermitage Fund, Magnitsky Case and the involvement of the Cobus Group Limited.

Westend Solutions Limited Czech attorneys had written to our Czech attorneys demanding payment for a debt we had no knowledge of and  for which they had achieved a default judgment in a Czech court. (A copy of this letter in perfect English was also emailed to us by  Alex Hlavacek a Miami based incorporation agent, who claimed to have a , mutual client of the Czech attorneys for Westend Solutions Limited.) The Czech attorneys letter on behalf of the British company Westend Solutions was to offer us an out of court settlement for an outstanding account we had with the Office House s.r.o. in Prague for past unpaid registered agent’s fees which were in the amount of $3000(USD) before penalties .  The Office House s.r.o. (Czech Company) at that time was represented by the nominee director Jesse Grant Hester.  Westend Solutions claimed to have purchased the outstanding debt and due to penalties and clauses within the registered agent contract the debt was now approximately $28,000.00 USD the amount of the default judgement. Westend Solutions had provided Mr. Jakub Krauss with a power of attorney for use in Prague, Mr. Krauss was also listed as the compliance officer for WPB Capital which owns the Office House s.r.o.  

In 2011 Westend Solutions Limited ( UK) moved its registered office in the UK to the same address used by several companies connected to Terrinvest s.r.o. (CZ) a seemingly joint venture tax optimization company based in Prague which seems to be part owned by Les Biller (The former COO) of Wells Fargo Bank in the USA through an American LLC , Greendale Capital which works closely with Mr. Hlavacek as a corporate service provider.

Attorneys for Westend solutions Limited in Prague (Mgr. Frantisek Povolny & Jan Jukl from the offices of Judr. Petr Vorisek ) then stated in writing that they had heard of the registration of a pending law suit against Statesboro s.r.o. by Sarter Enterprises LLC (filed in the property register) and that they had "negotiated with the company Sarter Enterprises LLC". They further stated that Sarter Enterprises LLC had agreed to file a withdrawal of their claim against Statesboro s.r.o.

Realizing we were caught in a scam, by the fraudulent use of sham corporate claims we immediately inquired with whom they had spoken to in conjunction with Sarter Enterprises LLC as we did not believe Sarter Enterprises LLC was a legitimate operation; indeed , its sole representative had denied all knowledge of its existence. The Czech Lawyers for Westend Solutions Limited said they would not comment and refused to communicate on this subject with us. Despite claims of fraud, absolutely no one was interested in the Czech Republic, indeed authorities seemed more shocked at our complaint. We have come to understand it is a common practice of the use of fraudulent filings to encumber property and assets using a number of nominee directors.   Knowing paperwork from our mortgage provider in the form of mailings had gone to the Office House Company, alerting the Office House company to our asset and impending mortgage, it seemed clear that a filing by Sarter Enterprises LLC  and the potential manipulation of the Tax office were merely to delay any action by us with our property; a tactic which provided West End Solutions Limited with sufficient time to achieve a default judgment. 

In essence the only real beneficiary of these actions was the Office House s.r.o. in Prague, however, we were subsequently informed in writing by Attorneys Jukl & Povolny that their client was in fact a business partner of the GT Group, Cobus Group and the British Solicitor Peter Joseph.   We have since learned from documents filled in the Czech court on May 6th 2013 that Mr. Patrick Bugan controlled the company Sarter Enterprises LLC. Further documents show that Sarter Enterprises LLC was disolved on October 20th 2013 in favor of Porto Cesareo Finance Limited which in turn according to court documents saw the assets transferred to NevinGate Industries who legal representative A K Gruner claimed were assets held in favor of Pavel Petrovic

We have received veiled threats of physical harm from known associates of Messrs. Bugan, Petrovic, Vorisek and Joseph, further threatened with liable suits from Carter Ruck & Legal Risk LLP both firms of British Solicitors who represent Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP (UK), however we have been undeterred in our resolve to recover our losses and their claims of liable are of course baseless as the facts on this website prove. (We further asked the firm of Legal Risk LLC if indeed they had conspired to further defraud us by employing Hermes Foresnsic Solutions Limited to investigate our findings, that email has gone unanswered.)

Approximately half the list of published "sham directors" by the Guardian Newspaper and The BBC Panorama Television show published in December 2012 have at one time or another been clients of Peter Joseph Esq  the Cobus Group Limited and held various positions with the Office House s.r.o. WPB Capital & a variety of its subsidiaries.
We continued to dig deeply into these matters and our findings have been very revealing. We noticed a pattern of companies incorporated in foreign jurisdictions who sue in the Czech Republic to take properties and assets from the unaware and vulnerable. This is, of course, not a crime, but we noticed a clear pattern of executors and attorneys that act for these foreign entities, we further discovered that many of these companies are incorporated by the Cobus Group Limited (UK). In almost all cases the signatures of these far away director nominees, living in Australia, Nevis, Dominica etc. are witnessed by Mr. Peter & Oliver Joseph in London. In numerous cases we can and have proved the signatures on these documents ,despite alleged witnessing, are  forgeries.

As we investigated, we were contacted by Martin Woods a well-known anti-money laundering investigator based in London. He sought us as a client and suggested he could perhaps help us untangle the Czech & British incorporation's and indeed  assist in bringing matters to the attention of the authorities in the UK. Mr. Woods provided us with a contract to that effect detailing his company, Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited which he co-ran with his business Partner Cliff Knuckey. Mr. Woods was very vocal about his and his partner’s multiple connection with the London Metropolitan Police force and further described himself as being "part of the biggest gang in London". It quickly became clear that Mr. Woods was seeking to know just what information and proof of my claims of fraud I had actually collected. He confirmed it was a simple case,  a money laundering ring with a central figure of a dishonest solicitor. However, he made absolutely no attempt to alert authorities or assist in bringing the culprits to justice. The relationship lasted just two weeks when, despite lavish promises of support, Mr.Woods declared  that I neither had the financial ability, or as he put it, the “bottle” to take on those who had defrauded me.  Little did we know at the time that Mr. Knuckey was tied to the London based Risc Group with Keith Hunter or that Martin Woods, Keith Hunter & Cliff Knuckey had worked on the James Ibori money laundering case in London.  A significant fact as we subsequently found some alarming conflicts of interest in respect of their contract to help and support us. We have detailed some of those conflicts under the Risc/Hermes section of this website.
Throughout this website you will find copies of documents, emails and letters supporting our findings and thereby raising what we believe are some very serious and frankly sad questions on the current state of play in the Czech Republic and London. We will detail the connections between company incorporators, nominee directors and investigators. We have also looked at a number of drop-mail addresses used and the links between groups of conspirators who manage a large number of shell companies, some of which have been used in multiple frauds.
In June of 2012 insolvency proceedings were filed against our Czech Holdings as a means to finalize this fraud, I understand the amount of debt is now some $50,000 USD. When last appraised I was informed our Czech property was valued at approximately $550,000.00 USD with a further value in excess of $1,500,000.00 after repairs and modernization.(See Mortgage broker email of Hypotekni Banka's appraisal.)

"No one is too big to kill" a quote from Mark Hankins in an email to me. Mr. Hankins is a Florida attorney who works as a company incorporator and has numerous ties to Mossack Fonseca, Pavel petrovic, Patrick Bugan, the Office House and the WPB Group and  Peter Joseph the British Solicitor. Amazingly Mr. Hankins law firm was situated just a few miles from the home of Mr. Robin Rodriguez the prior home of Paul Bilzerian.
"You don't have the bottle or money" a quote from 
Martin Woods.

The Jamestown Foundation in Washington has previously offered an explanation of events in the Czech Republic, ( See article here) and compare to the relationship chart we have created here.

Sadly, we are informed the common place practice of fraud and corruption makes it hard for many to distinguish with what is and isn't legal. A prime example for us would be the attorney’s office of Frantisek Povolny in Prague who claimed to negotiate with Sarter Enterprises LLC, a company we have proved was born of fraud. Westend Solutions Limited (UK) was these attorneys client, so in effect we were ultimately defrauded by using a British Company

The WPB Group which operates under a banking Licence with an internationally recognized SWIFT number, states, they have no connection with either Sarter Enterprises or West End Solutions Limited  despite the numerous connections with both the incorporators and sham directors they use with frequent commonality. The same attorneys are used, the same litigators and the fact that they flaunt the law with the fraudulent use of sham directors and shell companies seems of little or no consequence to them!
A direct link between these companies as follows:
Until December 2008 the Office House s.r.o. was owned by WPB Finance Limited (UK) and from 2008 to 2010 the Office House s.r.o. was owned by US Property Management LLC (USA) Each company was represented by a prolific nominee director, Ms. Rooney & Mr. Anselm and both companies shared the same company secretary; Corporate Secretaries Limited ( Shirley Mwanje).
Westend Solutions Limited and Sarter Enterprises LLC also shared the same corporate secretary ( Corporate Secretaries Limited of the UK) In corporate filings in 2010 for WPB Capital Union NV the British Company WPB FInance Limited was also listed as a  beneficial owner of the WPB Capital Union.

We do however understand the WPB partnership substantially changed around the same period of  time, of  the fraud perpetrated against us : we understand the chief architect of the Czech offshore strategies, Pavel Petrovic left the partnership with his associates, Jaromir Pospisil, Judr Milan Miler & Judr Jiri Holas, forming a new alliance with Martin Benda a successful entrepreneur with a rich history of political activism as a student.

Basic Relationship chart of Corporate Secretaries Limited. (Brandson Enterprises Limited is a notoriously prolific debt collector in the Czech Republic with a sole director, Irving Boncamper, who is currently serving a jail sentence in Texas USA for Money Laundering, Wire Fraud and Insurance Fraud.)

* Czech press report Mr. Petra-Pavla Bezekovskeho committed suicide in a Czech Jail in 2012.
Czech Press article

A Detailed time line of events with links to supporting documents:

February 11th 2010

Using the internet we searched and found a mortgage broker that represented Hypotecni Banka, a mortgage provider in Prague. Our objective was to seek a mortgage for the renovation on our property in Dubcany, The Villa Zamacek, which we had purchased in 2006.

February 12th through February 25th 2010

Preliminary negotiations took place for the terms of the mortgage through our broker with Hypotecni Banka. On February 25th 2010 a formal Application for the Mortgage was completed and emailed.

The Initial proposal of a mortgage received and dated February 12th 2010

March 3rd 2010

          Unknown to us, Czech attorney Ales Minarek working with attorney Jacob Kraus filed suit against Statesboro S.R.O. (our company). These attorneys represent Westend Solutions Limited, (a company registered in the UK) claiming urgency in court filings, stating, that we had sought to record a mortgage or Lien in the Cadastre for our property!  This claim was unknown to us and arose, we were to subsequently learn, from a cancelled contract with Office House S.R.O. for the use of mail forwarding & a registered address service for our Czech company, Statesboro S.R.O. The account in question was at the time of cancellation approximately $200 USD in early 2007. The 'sale' of the debt by the office House was allegedly signed by Jesse Grant Hester the then listed director for Office House s.r.o.

The Initially a Power of Attorney from Westend Solutions Limited, witnessed by (Peter Joseph Solicitor of  RJR Law, a London based law firm) authorized by Timothy Fosberry as company director granting authority to Jakub Kraus who in turn provided a power of attorney for Ales Minarek. 

Timothy Fosberry is also the director for the Cobus Group and a past director of Corporate Secretaries, which was the corporate secretary of record for Westend Solutions Limited.


The WPB Group is the owner of Office House s.r.o. Jakub Kraus was listed as the WPB Capital Union’s compliance officer and provided numerous services to the WPB Group of Companies.

There are numerous other examples of Mr. Jakub Kraus certifying documents for WPB Group of companies.

Ales Minarek is frequently used as the witness for signatures of principles on documents for various WPB Group companies.

Documentation used to prove the claim by Westend Solutions Limited in a Prague court that notification of cancellation had been sent to us in 2007 by Office House s.r.o. were mailed the incorrect mailing address.

March 11th 2010

Upon request for a payment we wired a sum of money to pay for the Hypotecni Banka arranged appraisal

April 2nd 2010

We are informed by our broker that Hypotecni Banka is in the process of reviewing the appraisal and schedule of repairs.

April 13th 2010

Hypotecni Banka informed the mortgage broker of the appraisal findings and the bank loan stipulations.

April 27th 2010

Our mortgage broker at our request negotiates a power of attorney (supplied by Hypotecni Banka) for the ultimate closing of the loan, (to be a family member we designate.) This was agreed and specific language was supplied by Hypotecni Banka for the power of attorney.

May 13th 2010

We received a formal approval from Hypotecni Banka with loan conditions to be complied with prior to the formal closing. Conditions included filing with the property bureau of the local municipality, transfer of shares in the company to be filed in the court in Prague, registration with the local Cadastre etc.

May 21st 2010

We received additional documentation from the broker to be signed in the presence of the Czech consul in Florida and returned to Prague.

 May 26th 2010

We received more documents for company resolutions etc. again to be signed in the presence of the Czech consul.

June 7th 2010

We receive from the broker for Hypotecni Banka the fee document for the loan facility; fees are paid typically prior to the loan release and as a final step before closing.

June 10th 2010

As a part of the closing conditions for the mortgage facility from Hypotecni Banka we are required to open a basic account at their parent holding company CSOB. We did so and wired a sum to cover the arrangement fees levied by Hypotecni Banka. These fees are debited directly to the credit of Hypotecni Banka on a specific date, in our case that was to be the 25th of June 2010.

June 25th 2010

Fees were debited from our CSOB account in favor of Hypotecni Banka for the mortgage arrangement fees. At this point we are out of pocket approximately $11,000.00 USD for fees, fedex, legalization fees levied by the consul, translations, filling fees etc.

August 2nd 2010

My sisters traveled to Prague as arranged to close the loan, meet with the contractor and tour the property, a matter that was and should have been a mere formality.  Anticipating delays and additional bureaucracy we arranged they should stay for 5 days to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

August 2nd 2010

When my sisters arrived in Prague we were informed that the legal representative of Hypotecni Banka had declared that the Power of Attorney was no longer acceptable and therefore rejected by Hypoteckni Banka. In short the loan could not be closed using the power of attorney previously negotiated and arranged.

August 2nd 2010

At my request original loan closing documents were dispatched via email to me in the United States and I arranged to travel some 200 miles to sign them in the presence of the Czech Consul in Orlando Florida. These documents were expressed mailed back to Prague the very same day.

August 4th 2010

The original documents arrived in Prague, however, there is apparently a further problem in that the first page was missing its title and therefore the documents were rejected by Hypotecni Banka.

August 9th 2010

Subsequently, we were informed that when the mortgage brokers’ agent visited the local Cadastre with yet again new documents to record the loan contract he discovered that on August 5th 2010 a real estate tax lien registered against the property had been filed in the property records. In effect the property title had been clouded and the documents we were informed could not therefore be recorded.

August 13th 2010

When we received this information we hired a Czech Attorney to investigate matters and resolve the issue with the Cadastre. Our attorneys were informed that the clerk of the Cadastre office would be on a short vacation and we needed to wait for her return.

August 18th 2010

Our Czech attorneys contact the Cadastre office again to learn the details of the tax lien, (this after additional power of attorneys had been fedexed to Prague). The reality was a minor issue of unpaid real estate taxes amounting to just a few hundred dollars, however with penalties they amounted to approximately $900 USD.

August 26th 2010

We had confirmation that the wire we had sent had been received and processed by the clerk in the Cadastre office. Our Czech attorneys now advised us that they will monitor the cadaster and notify us when the lien is removed from the title of our property; a matter that could reflect in the register in just a few days or up to a maximum of thirty.

September 2nd 2010

During the course of monitoring the property register our Czech attorneys informed us that another claim had been filed against the property. Delays ensue while a new power of attorney is generated before any details of the new claim can be investigated.

September 13th 2010 

We finally received copies of the filling against the property, which we discover is by Sarter Enterprises LLC. A company incorporated in New Jersey USA, the claim in the filing was authorized and Signed by Rachel Amy Erickson in a Czech language written document that was signed by her as being in NJ, USA on August 24th 2010.

eptember 13th 2010

We immediately set about tracking the details and nature of the claim and embarked on a mammoth global search to uncover both the individual and the company in this action. A matter we were entirely clueless about.

September 14th  2010 

During the course of our search we discovered the individual corporate member who had signed the action for Sarter Enterprises LLC (Rachel Amy Erickson) was listed on Florida State Corporate records as living with Alex Hlavacek, a Florida based incorporator of companies (Apex Corporate Services)residing in Miami Beach. We also found that she was the director of certain other companies in the Florida corporate register, incorporated by Mr. Mark Hankins another Floridian based company incorporator and attorney, (Florida Incorporations Inc.)

(Florida State Exert showing Rachel Amy Erickson resident in Miami Beach.)

September 14th 2010

We contacted Mr. Alex Hlavacek by phone and asked what the nature of his relationship was with i) Sarter Enterprises LLC and ii) Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson. He emphatically stated he knew nothing of Sarter Enterprises LLC and did not incorporate companies in New Jersey. He further stated it was in fact an error that she was registered as resident at his home address and had allowed a certain client to use his address as Ms. Erickson’s domicile in one filing. He also stated a particular client of his, “based in Switzerland” used her services as nominee director. Although he said, possibly she resided in Cyprus, however, he said, he would contact his client and ask if they had information on her actual whereabouts. We discovered Mr. Hlavacek was no stranger to controversy and was in fact the incorporation agent behind the company called Interblue Group that had purchased emission’s credit from Slovakia in 2009. We further notice Mr. Hlavacek & Mr. Hankins had numerous ties with incorporations that had been used in the Czech Republic. (Numerous articles have been reported on the company Interblue Group. Another American Incorporation called Greendale Capital LLC registered to Mr. Hlavacek's Californian address is a 34% owner in a Czech Company called Terrinvest Holdings a.s.

September 15th 2010

We telephoned Mr. Hankins of Florida Incorporations and left a message on his home telephone number, we had noted Ms. Erickson was not only the director of several companies in the Florida state register but that his home address had also been used as the primary business address for those companies.

September 21st 2010

Having had no response to our first telephone message, we telephoned Mr. Hankins again and left a second detailed voice mail message for him.

October 4th 2010

We discovered an entry for Sarter Enterprises LLC in the Czech Republic as the successful bidder in a bankrupt asset auction for a Czech company. We contact the auctioneer who did not respond to our emails. We requested our Czech Attorney’s to make representations to the attorney of record and seek additional information on this matter.

October 6th 2010

Our Czech attorneys forward us copies for the Sarter Enterprises LLC filing from the executor of the bankruptcy proceedings.  The representative, Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson is witnessed* as signing documents in London by Peter Joseph now of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP and countersigned by Ms. Shirley Mwanje of Corporate secretaries Limited.

*Czech law, (according to our Czech Legal representatives), requires the physical presence of individuals in order to act as a witness. Certifying a signature is not an acceptable or legally recognized practice under Czech Law.

October 7th 2010

We raised questions via email with British Solicitor Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP, specifically requesting information on Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson and Sarter Enterprises LLC.

October 7th 2010

We received a notice from Hypotekni Banka, Stating, there would be a cancellation of the mortgage contract if the issue of the title to our property wasn’t resolved by December 21st, they claim they had somehow become aware of the title issue.  Please note, the mortgage had not been drawn upon and we had been originally informed the contract to make draws on the mortgage was valid for 12 months. We had made a tremendous and exhaustive effort to comply with the numerous requests of Hypotecni Banka and of course paid their arrangement fees.


October 8th 2010 

I personally contacted Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP by telephone, during this conversation he claimed that he had not signed documents as a witness but was attesting to Ms. Erickson’s signature as he knew her personally. Further upon my brief explanation of my circumstances he stated, that it sounded like I had been rather snookered, or words to that effect and hurried me of the phone!

October 9th 2010

After an exhaustive and costly search we finally tracked Miss Rachel Amy Erickson a New Zealand National to Australia where she is now a resident. We managed to locate her cell number and immediately contacted her, we asked her about the suit against Statesboro s.r.o. filed by Sarter Enterprises LLC in Prague. Ms. Erickson informed me very clearly that she had never heard of Sarter Enterprises LLC, was neither in London or New Jersey for the signing of any documents for the company and in fact did not represent the company in any manner. She also informed us in that same phone call that her ex-Partner was Mr. Ian Taylor of the GT Group another company incorporation specialist, however, she did confirm the passport number and date of birth on documents referenced for Sarter Enterprises LLC was indeed hers.

October 11th 2010

We Spoke to Rachel Amy Erickson again via phone to confirm her email address and ask that she sign affidavits based on her previous statements to be forwarded directly from our American attorney.

October 11th 2010

Unbeknown to us a new power of attorney was issued from Westend Solutions Limited in favor of attorney Frantisek Povolny of the office of Petr Vorisek. This was granted by Timothy Fosberry of the Cobus Group(London) and director of Westend Solutions Limited.

October 12th 2010

We are now informed by our Czech attorney that they have received a letter from attorney Povolny with the office of Petr Vorisek attorneys with regard to another law suit and claim by a British company called Westend solutions Limited. Further, that on September 29th a default judgment was entered against Statesboro s.r.o. in favor of Westend Solutions Limited in Prague. At this time we are clueless about this claim or its details and are required to send yet another power of attorney to our Czech attorneys in order that they can fully investigate the matter with the court. Attorneys for Westend Solutions Limited claim that numerous cancellations were previously dispatched cancelling the service for Statesboro s.r.o. We note in the evidence they provide of the cancellation of service most are incorrectly addressed to us.

October 12th 2010

A few hours later that same day, Alex Hlavacek of Apex incorporations contacted me by phone and wanted to forward a letter he had received in English from Czech attorneys Frantisek Povolny & Jan Jukl of the office of Petr Vorisek acting for Westend Solutions Limited. He forwarded the letter to me via email and expressed his discomfort that he and his client were being involved in the matter! This letter contained a demand for payment for an amount of $27000 usd +/- based on a law suit filed by Westend Solutions limited. It was claimed that Westend Solutions Limited had purchased a Debt from the Office House Company (Office House s.r.o.) for nonpayment of the use of the mailing address facility for our company Statesboro s.r.o. In this same letter it was stated that through their own negotiations they had arranged for Sarter Enterprises LLC to withdraw the claim filed against Statesboro s.r.o. which was still pending in the cadastre. (A matter that will not actually resolve in showing clear title until the withdrawal receives not only judicial review but actually is formally removed from the title.)

October 14th 2010

Our American attorney sent a letter to Ms.  Erickson via email with attachments containing previously discussed Affidavit’s for her signature.

Our American attorney formally wrote to Mr. Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP to seek clarification of events and signatures for Sarter Enterprises LLC

October 14th 2010

We wrote directly to attorneys Vorisek, Povolny & Jukl to ask about Sarter Enterprises LLC, and most specifically the contact information they had for Sarter Enterprises LLC. Bases upon their written statements; that they had negotiated with the company to withdraw the claim against Statesboro s.r.o.

October 14th 2010

We emailed Cobus Group (company incorporators) of Lawford House in London to ask the nature of their relationship with Sarter Enterprises LLC & Ms. Erickson, since Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP had stated that they had passed him the documents for Sarter Enterprises LLC.

October 15th 2010

We are informed by the Czech attorneys for Westend Solutions Limited that the Suit against Statesboro s.r.o. bought by Sarter Enterprises LLC had been withdrawn by Sarter Enterprises LLC. However we subsequently discovered that is a matter for judicial review and will not likely resolve itself until early 2011

October 18th 2010

We received an Email from Hypotecni Banka, addressing for the first time the issue of returned and undeliverable mail! They state for the first time in sending correspondence that it has been returned as undeliverable by our Prague address maintained by Office House s.r.o.

October 19th 2010

Ofcanz raids the offices of GT Group in New Zealand. Ofcanz stands for Organized Financial Crimes Agency of the New Zealand Government. A warrant was issued based on signatures for directors been signed off shore that were claimed as signed onshore.

October 19th 2010

Our American attorney receives an email reply from Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP in which Mr. Joseph formally confirms the documents where indeed passed to him from the Cobus Group Limited and that he was informed the documents had been signed in Australia by Ms. Erickson . He further stated he had recent copies of Ms. Erickson’s paperwork which provided him with the ability to certify her signature. He passed along a scanned copy of an outdated utility account and other documentation some three years old. He further stated that he knew her personally and had known her for a number of years. At this time we did not know the practice of witnessing and certifying signatures for numerous overseas individuals was common place. In fact we subsequently discovered numerous actions of this nature conducted for the WPB Group of Companies which includes the Office House amongst others. 

October 19th 2010

Our Czech attorney hosted a meeting requested by attorney Mr. Jan Jukl representing Westend Solutions Limited, we are also informed in attendance was  Mr. Ivan Pecl, whom best as we can ascertain  is of the Law practice Advokátní kancelár Economy & principle of Morovan Develop s.r.o.  Morovan Develop is a real estate development company that renovates converts and rehabilitates older buildings such as ours. (ALTHOUGH WE HAVE NOT CONFIRMED HE IS THE SAME INDIVIDUAL)

October 21st 2010

Our American attorney writes formally to Peter Joseph for more detailed information.

October 22nd  2010

Mr. Peter Joseph responds to this letter with an email, stating he would be out of the country (UK) until October 29th 2010 and that he would reply in more detail upon his return.

October 22nd 2010 

We received an email from Ian Taylor of the GT Group stating that Ms. Erickson had no knowledge of the company Sarter Enterprises LLC and had obviously not signed any of the documents in question.

October 22nd 2010

We email Cobus group seeking more urgent clarification of events and relationships.

October 23rd 2010

We email Cobus Group alerting them to the issue of signature styles and concerns we now have over who is where and when documents are supposedly signed. We have now discovered that Ms. Nestia Manceau has signed documents used and executed in the Czech Republic for Fincon Trade Limited and countersigned by Ms. Shirley Mwanje, we also emailed an attorney who has not responded in the Czech Republic where he acted upon the instructions of Ms. Manceau, he was a Mr. Nadenicek.

October 24th 2010

We contacted Ofcanz investigators in New Zealand to inquire as to the true nature of the investigations and more of the back ground of things, most particularly Ms. Erickson and Mr. Taylor of the GT Group. We were informed that investigations were underway for a variety of reasons and very much ongoing. That charges were pending and investigations underway, one such reference was the illegal sale and transportation of an Arms shipment from North Korea in late 2009. A matter widely publicized internationally in which a nominee director a Ms. Nesita Manceau had signed documents for a company incorporated and ordered through a London client. MS. Manceau was the replacement director for Vicam another company based in Vanueta that was previously owned by Geoffrey Taylor . This company was the holding company at the time for the GT Group Limited. Subsequently Mr. Ian Taylor has taken over as the principle for the GT Group. We searched Czech corporate records and found Ms. Manceau had signed for companies that owned subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, we further noted a distinct and different signature style in documents. We then noted that Mr. Peter Joseph while a partner at RJR Law (The Company that merged with Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP) had witnessed Ms. Manceau’s signature with the statement that she had signed documents in his presence, we also noted that Ms. Mwanje of Corporate secretaries and the Cobus Group Limited had also counter signed these documents. They further directed us to a group of reporters who specifically investigate corruption, fraud and money laundering. (The reporting project).

October 26th 2010

We wrote directly to the Czech Justice Department for the attention Jiri Poposil Minister of Justice. In this letter we stated the facts of Sarter Enterprises LLC and the issue behind the clouding of our property title, we further made representations about the issue of numerous signatures being witnessed as "signed in London" when in fact these individuals were neither in London (as we had now discovered) and indeed in some cases individuals had claimed not to have signed documents at all as in the case of Ms. Erickson and Sarter Enterprises LLC. In effect numerous documents had been filed in the Czech Judicial System for directors of companies that had never been to London or even signed the documents personally. Akont is a company with offices in Prague and referenced on the Office House and Wpb Group web sites. A link from either web site will take you to Akont. Akont is a group of companies concerned with off shore incorporations with his parent company based at 788-790 Finchley Road in London, Akont Holdings limited, the director of record is Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson and again we found numerous documents witnessed by Peter Joseph for her in her capacity as director, again these documents were counter signed by Ms. Shirly Mwanje. Ms. Erickson replaced Mr. Sturart John Wortly Hunt as director of Akont Holdings in London. Previously we note a number of corporate fillings where Akont and other companies represented by Mr. Geoffrey Taylor were jointly executed. We further noted Akont, Office House s.r.o. and The Wpb group all share the same email server. domain name is actually owned by Graphity s.r.o. which is a WPB Group company.

October 28th 2010

Having heard no credible explanation of facts we Email the entire partnership of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP. Seeking a full explanation and actual transparency of the events surrounding the witnessing of documents and the true nature of relationships. By now we have found numerous documents with alternate signature styles, witnessed in London by Mr. Peter Joseph.

October 29th 2010

We received a response in the form of an email from Partners at Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP who stated they would respond jointly through Mr. Harry Friend within 21 days.

October 31st 2010

We Email the Cobus Group of Lawford House in London detailing certain connections we have uncovered and asking for an explanation of events, most particularly their involvement with Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson and Sarter Enterprises LLC. Further the policy of signing documents for offshore directors.

November 2nd 2010

I called Mark Hankins for a third time at his home telephone number and spoke to him directly. During the course of this call I expressed my concern that information regarding certain directors associated with the GT Group; most noticeably a Ms. Nesita Manceau who not only represented the GT Group but was herself being investigated for such serious matters as weapons smuggling. I further pointed out that he had incorporated companies where she was still reflected as a director and indeed where Mr. Taylor and Ms. Erickson were also listed as directors. We noted that some of these companies were used to transact business in the Czech Republic having had documents witnessed in London by Mr. Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP.

November 3rd 2010

We received a follow up phone call from  Mark Hankins, himself an attorney who referenced a Mr. Dusan Tvrdy who had worked he said for Akont in Prague and the  Karlyle Group who Mr. Hnkins works with. We noted that Mr. Tyrdy who Mr. Hankins stated he had actually met previously in Miami was now referenced as a member of the WPB Group

November 3rd 2010.

We then received an email from Mark Hankins the nature of which was to suggest that if we are fortunate enough to pry others hands of our property we should be happy and settle for that. He further suggested in that email that when dealing with such a group of individuals matters can be extremely dangerous and others have suffered as a result!  This email and the tone of it gave us considerable cause to understand more and just who Mr. Hankins knew and was associated with.


November 3rd 2010

Our American attorneys followed up with an email to the Cobus Group in London requesting clarification of Sarter Enterprises LLC and Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson relationship to them.

November 4th 2010

We received a letter via email from attorneys for Westend Solutions Limited in Prague stating, that, for $1 they would settle their claim against Statesboro s.r.o. provided we withdraw from any further investigations or representations. In this letter, signed by attorney Frantisek Povolny it is stated that GT Group, Mr. Peter Joseph and the Cobus Group are their clients partners.

November 10th 2010

We emailed directly to the Office House Company and the WPB Group for the attention of Messrs, Bugan, Svoboda, and Vavruska (described on the web site of WPB Group as supreme management) specifically requesting information on the nature of their relationships with Akont s.r.o., Rachel Amy Erickson, the Taylors of The GT Group , Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP and additionally  the company policy with regard to cancelled contracts for a mailing address in respect of mail items sent to their address for companies that have cancelled mail forwarding services.

November 11th 2010

Having discovered dozens of falsely witnessed documents, some even for individuals who have withdrawn their name from use (or so they thought) we emailed the Department of Justice in the UK with details of these infractions by Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP

November 12th 2010

We received an email with an attached letter from Legal Risk of Liverpool representing Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP. In which they claim their client had not witnessed signatures and merely certified signatures.

November 12th 2010

We received a letter from Carter- Ruck of London as attorneys for Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP; their web site boasts such clients as Government ministers and Hollywood celebrities. The tone of this letter was extreme and firm in that it stated any further representations to members of the press would be met with a vigorous defense and the filing of a deformation suit against us.

November 12th 2010

We Replied to Legal Risk via email and stated simply they were factually incorrect in their assertions.

November 13th 2010

We replied via email to Carter- Ruck and Legal Risk, in this letter we provided a single example of Mr. Peter Joseph witnessing a signature as signed in his presence in London for an individual who has directly stated she has never visited the UK. We further alerted them about the serious nature of some of the actions by some of these individuals and the ongoing and serious nature of the investigations by the Government of New Zealand into the GT Group.

November 14th 2010

We again emailed the company Office House s.r.o. and WPB Group its parent and holding company, most specifically to alert them to the serious nature of the signature issues we had uncovered. Further we had discovered numerous documents falsely witnessed and misrepresented that had been used to effect share transfers and conduct business for numerous of their own subsidiary companies. Most disturbingly we had noted in the on line filing of their audit records for their bank holding in 2009 ( WPB Capital Union) we had noted that Ms. Nesita Manceau was the director of record for a company called Management Company Incorporated in Delaware which owned 21% of the entity.

November 15th 2010

Having received absolutely no response, except auto generated email confirmation form Office House we emailed the Office House company again specifically for the attention of Judr. Jirím Holas. We note his long and professional association with the WPB Group of Companies, which includes Office House s.r.o.

November 19th 2010

We received a formal response from legal risk, which was in effect two lines, the gist of which was that their client had reported the matter to their professional indemnity insurance carrier.

November 22nd 2010

The Cobus Group represented by(David Marx, Timothy Fosberry and Shirley Mwanje) wrote to our American attorney with a scanned copy of a statement signed by Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson (on GT Group letter head) where she claims this time that she signed one of the Sarter Enterprise documents. We immediately respond with a request for an original copy of the statement, notarized with an Apostille certification. We were informed this would be forthcoming and forwarded upon receipt. We are further puzzled in that Ms. Mwanje countersigns most documents witnessed by Mr. Peter Joseph in her capacity as representative for Corporate Secretaries Limited.

The claim by Ms. Erickson was that documents had been signed and mailed to London from Australia for witness certification; however, the date on her signature which was supposedly signed in Australia was the same day Peter Joseph had certified it in London, a logistical impossibility.

November 24th 2010

We contacted the Czech National bank the governing banking body for the Czech Republic to alert them to our concerns that Ms. Nesita Manceau was a shareholder in the company WPB Capital Union, given her recent history and problem with the New Zealand Government.

November 29th 2010

We contacted the Czech offices of KPMG auditors to alert them to our concerns with regard to the documented ownership of WPB Capital Union.

November 30th 2010

We contacted David Korinek  of Ceska Drazba s.r.o. via email (our third) to again ask for details of the parties involved in the Sarter Enterprise LLC action in the bankruptcy he presided over as auctioneer.

Decmber 1st 2010

Having had no response from Office House, WPB Group or the attorney office of Petr Vorisek or representations made to the Czech Justice department we contacted the Czech Bar association and its governing body to ask for assistance: The following parties were emailed,,,,,,,,

December 2nd 2010

Our American attorney receive a letter from Carter-Ruck in which that seek to explain Mr. Joseph actions were conducted prior to the merging of his old legal practice of RJR Law with Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP. And therefore in essence they suggest the matter does not involve “Their Client” that being Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP.

December 3rd 2010

We sent an email to Czech Police about a previous investigation they had conducted where Akont was mentioned along with its then Managing director Pavel Petrovik who now is a member of the WPB Group of companies.

December 4th 2010

We replied to the letter from Carter-Ruck of London and stated it was in my opinion futile to enter into additional dialogue, when they had completely disregarded my American attorneys previous comments, further I saw it as an attempt to waste more of my money in a protracted and needless diatribe.

December 6th 2010

We received a response from a Czech Police investigator who asked for a private meeting and inquired if we had additional documents and information not readily available on the internet.

December 6th 2010

My attorney in the USA contacted the same Police investigator via email, asking for scanned copies of his credentials; no response has been received. We further note a Judr Petr Vorisek ( by the same name as the attorney firm who represents Westend Solutions limited ) is listed as the head of the legal department for the ministry of the interior: where he is described as follows: Responsible for internal arrangements and the organization provides legislative and technical adjustments and assessing the design of new internal management rules approved by the Interior Minister of the amendment or deletion, and is responsible for their compliance with legislation also ensures centralization, management and distribution of internal management and cooperation with the departments documents for other ministries, administrative offices and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. We do not know if he is one of the same or a direct relative of the same individual or just a shocking coincidence.

December 7th 2010

We received a reply to our formal representation to the Czech Embassy in London in which we are somewhat dismissed and informed it is more a British matter if in fact the solicitor Peter Joseph acted unprofessionally.

December 7th 2010

We replied to the Embassy email and further explained the gravity of the matter and the mockery made upon the Czech Judicial system.

December 8th 2010

We sent a more detailed explanation of events via email to the Czech Embassy in London again expressing what we believe to be the magnitude of the problem.

December 9th 2010

The Czech Embassy in London responded stating we would be contacted further on the matter.

December 13th  2010

We received an email stating the Czech Justice department does not carry out investigations and recommends filing a Police complaint! This came from Pavla Bellonova International Department for Civil Matters Nominee Head of the International Private Law Unit.

December 21st 2010

I sent an abridged version of this time line to Hypotecni Banka via email asking why and on what basis had my contracted and paid for mortgage facility been withdrawn.

December 22nd 2010

I received a reply from Hypotecni Banka in English asking that I detail my response in the Czech language.

December 23rd 2010

We received an email response unsigned from “communications” at the Czech National Bank where they informed us they would be looking into the matter but could advise us that Ms. Manceau had resigned her directorship of the American Holding company in January of 2010, however they do not state who her replacement is.

This chart, while not yet complete, highlights the tight knit workings of the Czech Shell Game! Most of these companies changed ‘ownership’ multiple times over the period 2001 through 2010.

This chart does not relate to the most recent listings, however a large number of these subject  companies have ended up under the ownership of the WPB NV entity. Mr. Petrovic, has, it seems moved onto new entities with Milan Miler, Jiri Holas and Martin Benda. (Check back for updates)

Company Name and country in which it is domiciled


Director of record

Client of Solicitor/Lawyer

Corporate Secretary of Record

Power of Attorney Provided to

WPB Finance Limited(UK)

Was/Is Part owner of WPB Capital

Antoinette Rooney

Peter Joseph and Linda Friss

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)(UK)

Milan Miler

Nordic Victory s.r.o.(CZ)

Was jointly owned by Gateway Investments Inc. and WPB Finance Limited

Brenda Patricia Cocksedge

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Renata Skopcova

WPB Group/ Office House Employee

Braxton Invest

Sold me my Company Statesboro s.r.o.

Was jointly owned by WPB Holding and Finance NV ( Dutch) and Gateway Investments Inc.(USA)

Mathew Charles Stokes

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited ( Cobus Group)

Milan Miler

Olivier Capital s.r.o.(CZ)

Owned 50/50 by Akont Holding and Capital Ltd and Garnett Invest

Geoffrey Taylor(Garnett)

Wortley Hunt for Akont

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Milan Miller

Astbury Solutions a.s.(CZ and UK)

Registered to the Cobus Group offices

Nesita Manceau

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited ( Cobus Group)

Petr-Pavel Bezděkovský

(committed 'suicide' in Jail)

Westend Solutions Limited(UK)

Purchased debt from the office house s.r.o.

Timothy Fosberry

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Judr Jiri Holas

Akont s.r.o.(CZ)

Owned by Akont Holding and Capital Limited (UK)

Jesse Grant Hester

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited /Cobus

Lucie Gluckova

(Akont Employee)

TCS Traffic Control Systems

Rachel Amy Erickson

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Vladislav Cach, Czech Mayor ODS Party

Garnet Holdings

Same Registered Office as Hykeham Holdings in Gibralter

Geoffrey Taylor

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Milan Miller

US Property Management LLC(USA)

Previously James Anselm

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Management Investment Group LLC

Nesita Manceau

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Petra Mikyska

(Spolecnosti On line is his client)

Gateway Investments Inc. (USA)

Part owner of Braxton Invest

Mathew Charles Stokes

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Petra Kuchare

Milan Miler

Marsden and Dodds Limited (UK)

Owner of Mossack Fonseca Czech

Cocksedge and Wortley-Hunt

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries  Limited (Cobus Group)

Corral  a.s.

Reportedly transferred shares to CVF Investments for KTV holdings


Archibald and Jeffers

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

From 2007 for Hogson Ltd Gibralter Radovan Kimak

Flow East a.s.

Woolf, Chirnside

Brandson Enterprises Limited(UK)

Used for debt collection in the Czech Republic

Irving Boncamper

(Jailed for money laundering and fraud in the USA)

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Markétou Vaňkovou

Spolecnosti Online s.r.o.

Czech Company incorporator

Cocksedge, Rooney,

Peter Joseph

Milan Miler

Andrew Seddon

Woolf-Seddon Solicitors

Gallsen s.r.o. (CZ)

Owned by Prost LLC (Hankins Registered)

Petrovic Company, Tax advisor to Manhattan Funds in Prague.

Marcelle I Boncamper

(Wife of Irving Boncamper who is jailed in USA for Money Laundering and Insurance fraud.

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus group)

Milan Miller

Hykeham and Rastra LLC (USA)

Used in Rastra a.s.

Micheal Patrick Dwen

Peter Joseph

Balmore Investment Ltd

Contested owner of TBi The independent TV Station in the Ukraine, which led to a legal battle in the UK just days after the death of Boris Berezovsky

Rachel Amy Erickson



Alexander Altman ( Was previously linked in other business deals withKonstantin Kagalovsky &Boris Berezovsky

Abacus Trust

Used in ‘A Consulting Team Inc.’ aborted reverse merger SEC fillings

Jesse Grant Hester


David Pearlman Trust Secretary

Mina Corp and Red Star Enterprises

Billion dollar US Government defense contractors

David Pearlman

Registered office London same block as Peter Joseph

Akont Holding and Capital

UK Holding company of Czech entity Akont

Rachel Amy Erickson

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited (Cobus Group)

Varied from 2005 John Robert Montague Stuart Wortley Hunt

(Mossack Fonseca)

Mossack Fonseca CZ

Vavruska and Tvrdy are listed as beneficial owners, however, they are both Akont and subsequently WPB group employees

John Robert Montague Stuart Wortley Hunt

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited

Kotva a.s. renamed

K-T-V Invest a.s.

Ardmore Risk Management (14.08%)

Brenda Patria Cocksedge

Peter Joseph

Corporate Secretaries Limited

Kotva a.s. renamed

K-T-V Invest a.s.

Forminster Enterprises (55.46%)

Kotva a.s. renamed

K-T-V Invest a.s.

HSBC (11.74%)

Previously Bermuda Bank Holding

Kotva a.s. renamed

K-T-V Invest a.s.

Melodia SPol s.r.o. (8.06%)

Irving A Smokler

The Maple Leaf Group

Nicholas Miles Kirke

Nicholas Miles Kirke

UK Born, First Czech Realtor

Targeted Assassination Attempt

Ing Josef Jelinik

Previous board member of Union Leasing a.s. which later became the Manhattan Fund

AandR Group

Hykeham Holdings

Montego Bay Financial


Made several claims for debt with Czech Companies.

Yiannakis Papatheodorou

Of the Cypriot AJKBOC group

ajkBoc were previously mentioned in a Hungarian scandal as the holding company for a subsidiary that supplied alledgedly faulty H1N1 product to the Government.

JUDr. Petrem Voříškem,

The attorneys office used to settle the Sarter Enterprises fraudulent claims against my property.