Fraud & Corrupt Practices in Prague & London

Unanswered Questions

In this section we have laid out the simple unanswered questions at the crux of the fraud perpetrated against us.

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In the Czech Republic: 
A fraudulent claim against our property in the Czech Republic was filed by Sarter Enterprises LLC  purely as a means to delay our actions with our property. Attorneys for Westend Solutions Limited in Prague claimed to have negotiated with Sarter Enterprises LLC. The director for Sarter Enterprises LLC did not sign the documents for the company and Czech attorneys and the Czech authorities have completely ignored this fraud. How is this possible?

In a letter from Czech attorneys representing Westend Solutions the attorney offered a withdrawal of any action against my Czech company (Statesboro s.r.o.) on behalf of both Westend Solutions Limited and the Office House s.r.o. as if they are one of the same company with common ownership. Documents for the Office House s.r.o. and Westend solutions have shared the same corporate secretary, that being Corporate Secretaries Limited in London. Who really owns Westend Solutions which is operating business in the Czech Republic?
These same attorneys admitted in writing that their "client" was a business partner of The GT Group, (NZ) The Cobus Group (UK) and British Solicitor Peter Joseph, further they were able to speak for the Office House s.r.o. Seemingly a group of co-conspirators.
In web entries for the 'WPB Group' the Office House s.r.o. is listed as a group company from as early as 2008.

In court fillings in the Czech Republic made on the 6th of May 2013 statements are made that in fact Mr. Patrick Bugan  and Zdenek Seidl controlled Sarter Enterprises LCC.  Further documents show that Sarter Enterprises LLC was disolved on October 20th 2010 in favor of Porto Cesareo Finance Limited which in turn according to court documents saw the assets transferred to NevinGate Industries whose legal representative A K Gruner claimed were assets held in favor of Pavel Petrovic.  The question here, how is it possible for the authorities to ignore such blatant shell game practices?

How was it possible that the filing of a tax lien was so perfectly timed so as to delay our property closing and further how is it possible that only one individual could actually calculate the amount owed, who coincidentally had left for vacation?

Hypotecni Banka a mortgage bank in Prague owned by KBC a banking goliath refused to address any complaints, requests for refunds of fee's paid or explain their conduct and misrepresentations. Group compliance officers laughed at the suggestion that any thing can really be achieved, how therefore is it possible for these operations to conduct business in environments where oversight, legal compliance and ethics are impossible to address or adhere to?

WPB Capital, spořitelní družstvo   in 2009 the company reported ownership of Persons with qualifying holdings exceeding 10% of the share capital of the entity:
• 20.7% of Pavel Petrovich
     Habrovky U 247/11, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic
• 20.7% of Gateway Investments, Inc..
     1821 Logan Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001, United States
• 20.7% of the Investment Management Group Inc
     25 Greystone Manor, Lewes, Delaware 19958-9776, USA
• 20.7% of WPB Finance Limited
     161 Cleveland Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 6BU, United Kingdom
The question therefore, how is it possible for a bank with a SWIFT number to have non transparent ownership  by two American companies and one British company represented only by nominee directors and a corporate secretary, Corporate Secretaries Limited which also represents Sarter Enterprises Limited & Westend Solutions Limited?
In July of 2004 the contract to transfer ownership of the original capital union was signed by its 314 members and a power of attorney was provided  for each of the corporate owners, Gateway Investments, Management Investment Group & Wpb Finance Limited. Each of these companies was represented by nominee directors, Stokes, Manceau & Rooney. The signatures for the power of attorney were purportedly signed in London on June 29th but not witnessed, instead Peter Hospidar in Prague certified the signatures as being those of the parties. How is such a significant transaction conducted without the signatures actually being witnessed? Further can business be conducted in the Czech Republic upon certified signatures versus witnessing signatures?

The use of sham directors in the Czech Republic particularly by the group of companies centered around the WPB Capital Union seems to go unchecked, in my case the power of attorney was handed back to known WPB Capital Union employees, the debt in question massively inflated was administered by the same operation in Prague but with the advantage of being owned by a UK company, where then is this company paying tax?

Sarter Enterprises LLC and Westend Solutions Limited share the same corporate secretary of record, that being Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited. Both companies were incorporated by the Cobus Group in London and are documented clients of Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP.  Apart from the obvious connections and thereby a clear conspiracy are these companies licensed to even transact business in the Czech Republic ? 

Why would the Office House s.r.o. sell/transfer a debt to Westend Solutions Limited only to grant a power of attorney from Westend Solutions to the very management and ownership of the Office House s.r.o. which is a part of WPB Capital Union.
In web entries for the 'WPB Group' the Office House s.r.o. is listed as a group company from as early as 2008.

How is it possible that the Czech courts accept documents with signatures that are attested to by solicitor/notaries but not witnessed as required under Czech Law and further provable as forgeries?

"No one is too big to kill" a quote from Mark Hankins in an email to me. Mr. Hankins is a Florida attorney who works as a company incorporator and has numerous ties to Mossack Fonseca,Pavel petrovic, Patrick Bugan, the Office House and the WPB Group and  Peter Joseph the British Solicitor.

Sadly, we are informed the common place practice of fraud and corruption makes it hard for many to distinguish with what is and isn't legal. A prime example for us would be the attorney’s office of Frantisek Povolny in Prague who claimed to negotiate with Sarter Enterprises LLC, a company we have proved was born of fraud. Westend Solutions Limited (UK) was these attorneys client, so in effect we were ultimately defrauded by using a British Company

The WPB Group which operates under a banking Licence with an internationally recognized SWIFT number, states, they have no connection with either Sarter Enterprises or West End Solutions Limited  despite the numerous connections with both the incorporators and  sham directors they use with frequent commonality. The same attorneys are used, the same litigators and the fact that they flaunt the law with the fraudulent use of sham directors and shell companies seems of little or no consequence to them!

Westend Solutions Limited attorney in Prague referred to Sarter Enterprises LLC, Rachel Amy Erickson, Peter Joseph as Partners of their client.

A direct link between these companies as follows:
Until December 2008 the Office House s.r.o. was owned by WPB Finance Limited (UK) and from 2008 to 2010 the Office House s.r.o. was owned by US Property Management LLC (USA) Each company was represented by a prolific nominee director, Ms. Rooney & Mr. Anselm and both companies shared the same company secretary; Corporate Secretaries Limited ( Shirley Mwanje).
Westend Solutions Limited and Sarter Enterprises LLC also shared the same corporate secretary ( Corporate Secretaries Limited of the UK). In corporate filings in 2010 for WPB Capital Union NV The British Company WPB Finance Limited was also listed as a  beneficial owner of the WPB Capital Union.

Westend Solutions Limited gave its Power of Attorney in June 2006 to Jakub Krauss who was and is a WPB associate ( In 2010 he was listed as WPB Capital Union's compliance Officer). He in-turn provided a power of attorney to Ales Minarek who works closely with WPB Group of Companies and is frequently used as a witness by various corporate officers of the group of companies.
This same power of attorney was originally used to sue my Company Statesboro s.r.o. by Westend Solutions Limited.

As to Czech law, why has the Czech Government fundamental ignored the Bilateral agreement to protect foreign investors and even observe their own laws regarding unjust enrichment? 

Attorney Petre Vorisek  employees made fraudulent statements in seeking to collect a hugely inflated debt against us for their "client" Westend Solutions Limited (UK), we made numerous inquiries of the Czech Department regulations and internal organization if the individual they listed on their website was the same individual as the Prague based attorney. Of particular interest was that this law firm passed a letter of demand via email through ALex Hlavacek a Miami based tax optimizer who was previously connected to the InterBlue Group and the much publicized sale of Emission Credits from the Slovak Republic.
Transalted website extract:
Head: Mgr. Peter Voříšek
phone: +420 974 817 332 
Fax: +420 974 816 866 
E-mail:     Department's internal regulations and legislative organization provides technical editing and assessing proposals for new internal management rules approved by the Minister of Interior, the amendment or cancellation, and is responsible for their compliance with legislation also ensures centralization, management and distribution of internal management and collaboration with workplace documentation other ministries, administrative offices and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

Why has the Czech Judicial system ignored the proof we provided of countless forged signatures on corporate transfers filed in the Czech Republic?

Mail sent to the Office House company in Prague by Hypotecni Bank in Prague was never forwarded, where is it and was it opened?  

Why did Hypotecni Banka delay the closing of our approved mortgage? Why did they agree to schedule the closing with a power of attorney that they had created and then reverse their position at the appointed closing? 

Why did Hypotecni Banka fail to investigate our claims and refuse to accept a written complaint in English when the entire mortgage process had been conducted in English? Further why did they keep all the arrangement fees and charges and is this a common business practice?

Pavel Petrovic  the common thread between Akont, Mossack Fonseca , Office House and WPB Capital, spořitelní družstvo has previously acknowledged being the owner of Akont when questioned by authorities about a case involving fraud and tax evasion for Hykeham & Rastra in the Czech Republic which is also connected in a variety of ways to Mark Hankins, Peter Joseph and the Cobus Group. Mr. Petrovic claimed that he had sold his interest in Akont however until November of 2011 the domain name was owned by Graphity s.r.o. which is currently owned by WPB Holdings and Finance NV,  until 2009 it was owned by various companies with significant holdings in WPB Capital Union. The question therefore, was a real transfer of ownership of Akont ever really made? Who is Patrick Bugan the reported owner of WPB Group of companies?
(in the 2011 report by WPB Capital Union it referred to the Office House s.r.o. as a close held company, however, ownership is reflected as WPB Holding & Finance NV in Czech public records)

Mossack Fonseca
What role does Mossack Fonseca play in the management and ownership of the WPB Group in Prague, in recent filings with the Czech court a letter from Mossack Fonseca claims that they are the investor in a company called Rotondor s.r.o. currently a disputed ownership entity between the WPB Group and Pavel Petrovic who claims to have left the WPB Group in view of their practices. 
(Follow this link to review the filing by Mossack Fonseca) 

Why did the honorary Czech Consul Roman Inochovsky state in a voice mail I should withdraw from the matter and seek a 'dead mans clause' and in email's state I should throw in 'the towel in', in case unknown parties come after me? Just who did he imagine that might be or what knowledge of this type of organized crime did he actually have?

Why are the honorary Czech Consuls in the USA, Roman Inochovsky and Alan Becker Esq. required to submit copies of the confidential documents they witness to the Embassy?

The nominee director of record for the office house was Jesse Grant Hester, he along with Micheal Patrick Dwen and Mathew CHarles Stokes have provided off again on again director and shareholder services for the Akont, Office House and WPB group of companies. Mr. Hester and Mr. Stokes have also provided nominee services for numerous international business's in far flung corners of the globe. The ownership of these companies remains a mystery and yet they funnel millions of dollars through banks around the world. One such anonymous company is Hermitage Participants S.A. 

In the United Kingdom: 
Sarter Enterprises LLC and Westend Solutions Limited share the same corporate secretary of record, that being Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited (UK). Both companies were incorporated by the Cobus Group in London and are documented clients of Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP. Both companies conducted business in a joint & fraudulent manner.Under UK law are the individuals who perpetrate fraud not criminally liable despite the corporate veil?

How is it possible that signatures that are forged can then be certified and witnessed as a matter of routine in the United Kingdom, despite representations to the British authorities it appears this is still an ongoing practice.
How is it possible that our representations to British authorities of fraud by solicitors and a conspiracy to defraud have gone unanswered by the British police?
(Czech attorneys acknowledged in writing that their client was in fact a business partner of the GT Group(NZ) The Cobus Group (UK) and British solicitor Peter Joseph.)

How is it possible that widespread reports of fraud have been made on the internet in respect of the activities at 788-790 Finchley Road and the same group of corporate service providers but no investigations have been made by the Police?

How is it possible that Hermes Forensic Solutions Limited (UK) did not declare their conflicts of interest pursuant to their contract of service with me and are there no ethical boundaries or legislation for private investigators? 

Why is the ongoing practice by the Cobus Group & Mossack Fonseca of creating companies using sham directors in the United Kingdom ignored and what system for cross border taxation is there to prevent the massive loss of revenue?

Did Carter Ruck & Legal Risk, two esteemed firms of solicitors  in the UK conspire with or have knowledge of the now defunct firm of Hermes Forensic Solutions (operated by Cliff  Knuckey &  Martin Woods) to further defraud me of my assets? In the case of both firms I received highly threatening emails as to to my daring to question the illegal conduct of their client, Gregory Abrams Davison LLP, indeed Carter Ruck sought to re-wright common law in one such email exchange.
Have these firms fully satisfied themselves over the last two years as to the integrity of their client and if indeed they are involved in fraud, conspiracy to defraud and money laundering?
Relationships with Carter Ruck & Gregory Abrams Davidson:

In the USA: 

Was Mark Hankins honest when he stated in an email, Dusan Tvrdy was the roving agent for Akont or did he deliberately mislead me in that Mr Tvrdy was listed as the beneficial owner of Mossack Fonseca & Co CZ s.r.o. the Czech branch of Mossack Fonseca in Panama?
Mr. Hankins has numerous  ties to Akont , Peter Joseph, Mossack Fonseca and the Cobus Group, indeed one such incorporation for HYKEHAM & RASTRA - U.S.A. LLC directly involved Mr. Pavel petrovic who has documented ties to all of the aforementioned companies. 
Which party instructed their agent/associate or employee Mark Hankins to send me an email which contained a veiled threat to my well being ( which could be taken as a death threat) and suggested I accepted "the prying of their hands of my property" as the best outcome to the fraud I was subjected to?

In an SEC Filing for A Consulting Team Inc ( Now Helious & Matheson North America Inc.) a loan facility was provided by Stonegate Bank of Fort Lauderdale and Cordel Funding. Robin Rodriguez was at the time the managing partner of Cordell and the founder and chairman of Stonegate Bank. In that it appears the combined loan facility was 100% of the purchase amount and the only collateral appears to be the stock being purchased. Should there not have been a relationship disclosure in the filings between Cordell & Stonegate? Further is an FDIC covered bank required to provide lending facilities that are in anyway regulated or follow any specified guidelines?
customer) principle plays a significant role in financial transactions, particularly with banks. How then is it possible that these offshore entities represented only by nominee directors could have achieved such an approved facility when the ownership of these entities is not  transparent? 
The address on documents filled with the SEC for several of the nominee directors was entirely inaccurate and the lead party in the negotiations Mr Andrew Harry Ball as he was described by the Chairman of The A consulting Team Inc. lists an address in France which appears non-existent. 

Why did the honorary Czech Consul Roman Inochovsky state in a voice mail I should withdraw from the matter and seek a 'dead mans clause' and in email's state I should throw in 'the towel in', in case unknown parties come after me? Just who did he imagine that might be, or what knowledge of this type of organized crime did he actually have?

Why did the honorary Czech Consul Roman Inochovsky state in a voice mail I should withdraw from the matter and seek a 'dead mans clause' and in email's state I should throw in "the towel in, in case unknown parties come after me"? Just who did he imagine that might be or what knowledge of this type of organized crime did he actually have?

Why are the honorary Czech Consuls in the USA, Roman Inochovsky and Alan Becker Esq required to submit copies of the confidential commercial documents they witness to the Czech Embassy in Washington?

Why did the attorney for Corporation Services Company (CSC) , Mr. Travis Turrner, blatantly state the company had not Incorporated Sarter Enterprises LLC ,when in fact, both the fee's incorporation and the cancellation were paid from the Corporation Service Companies account with the State of New Jersey?